Nov 28, 2011

Samsung Series 7 Slate - Notes App

The notes app found in the iPad is extremely good. It's simple and easy to use and the interface just works. I can't say the same about the Notes app found in the Samsung Series 7 Slate.

The good:
  • Nice looking interface
  • Search is good
  • Scrolling through notes in the preview box works fine
  • Multiple selection of notes
  • Printing and email capabilities

The bad:
  • Virtual keyboard doesn't pop up automatically.
  • You have to manually move the keyboard to the bottom area so it doesn't get in the way.
  • It could have "tags" or "categories"

The ugly:
  • Scrolling when editing notes doesn't work well. It's hideous.

The Notes app in the Samsung Series 7 Tablet is an attempt to make notes easy and beautiful... but it's not a polished app. If the issues can be resolved this could be a very good app.

This is not going to beat OpenOffice and MS Office at making those important documents. ;)

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