Sep 15, 2011

Preview - Bose MIE2i And Jabra Sport Bluetooth Earphones

I do my fare share of workouts and one great energy motivator is music and audio books. I have had the same earphones for the past two years and it's time for an upgrade. The two earphones I have watched quite a bit are the Bose MIE2i and the Jabra Sport. I saw several other earphones but these two offer some great stuff.

The Bose MIE2i attracted me because:
  • It's a Bose product (which is known for very good bass)
  • I owned the first generation which were not great because the gummy tips didn't have the StayHear design.  This version fixes those problems.
  • Those gummy tips are comfortable
  • I think they look great.
The Jabra Sport attracted me because:
  • It's made for exercice and workouts
  • Cables begone with the Bluetooth technology
  • Built-In radio
  • They seem sturdy and look like they can take on the sweat and maybe even some light rain
  • They don't seem huge and bulky like some of the competition

Each one will have pros and cons. I can expect higher quality audio on the Bose MIE2i because it's wired, and the neat convenience a wire free world with the Jabra Sport. I'll make up my conclusions in a few days, or maybe by next week. For more audio gadgets checkout the Audio label.



  1. Hi,
    Looking forward to your pick of Bose or Jabra! It will influence my buying decision.
    [email protected]
    Thank you.

  2. Bry,
    I kept the Bose MIE2i.


  3. Hi Jesse,

    Did the Jabra Sport Stereo Corded Headset have good results against the Boise MIE2i?

  4. I haven't played with the corded version, only the wireless one.

  5. Thank you. I will probably go with Bose.

  6. Hello, thanks for the review.
    Earphones Bose MIE2i will be good for running long distances (5-10 km)? Will not fall out of your ears while running?
    And one more question, headphones are deep in the ear canal, or just adjacent to the ear? Why I ask, because if the headphones vacuum (included in the ear canal), then during exercise in the ears uncomfortable pressure rises and lays his ears.
    Apologize for the Google-translator. Regards, Aleksey.

    1. They are good for running. Because of the hook they will stay in your ears without falling out. Their design places the earphones on the "bowl" of your ear, they do not go inside of the ear canal which can become irritating. Because of their design they are very comfy for longer periods of time when compared to other earphones.

    2. Thank you very much! I bought a Bose IE2, very cool headphones! In the ears sit amazingly, they do not even feel! Thank you again!
      Apologize for the Google-translator. Regards, Aleksey.

    3. I'm a big fan of Bose because they offer very good audio and the comfort is awesome. I'm glad you are happy with them.


  7. Hey Jesse!
    I am really confused between buying corded and BT head phones. Currently my options for BT headphones are the Jabra Sports, RocketFish behind the head and Sony HBH-IS800. I am inclined towards Jabra as my requirements are for workouts more than leisure. But I am confused. I have seen all your review videos on Jabra. Still want a word from you about the fit, connectivity and most of all the Sound quality. On the side, when it comes to sound quality, I feel like the name Sony comes up more often than others.
    Awaiting your thoughts.

    1. I do not think there is a perfect solution. All you can do is just try to determine what may work for you.

      I have not tried the other earphones you mentioned so I really cannot say if they are better. Maybe they are better, but you won't know until you see someone that has those different earphones and can give you a proper answer. It would have to be a comparison of earphones to the way I compared compact speakers.


    2. Thanks Jesse. I am feeling like I want to try the Jabra sport, I have been using or used the RocketFish RF-MAB2 headsets that were rendered useless after they were repeatedly drenched in my sweat. I skype a lot and this perhaps would prove to be useful. Thank you again.

      PS: Awesome job doing these reviews, I am an engineer by profession and I just like your attention to detail. Thumbs up!

    3. There's always new devices coming out. Sometimes the 1st attempts by companies need some polishing, and that's corrected in 2nd and 3rd iterations.