Satechi BT Wireless Pocket Speaker

For the project of getting the Compact BT Wireless Speakers I had a budget of $500. After getting the other ones I saw this UFO looking speaker by Satechi and it was only $40. So I got it

Audio quality is ok.   But for $40 you can get better "wired" systems (like the Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305)

  • It's small
  • Looks like UFO
  • Can answer phone calls
  • Has stereo input
  • It delivers decent bass and does not destroy audio clarity. (on mid and lower volume settings)
  • Poor range
  • Loses audio sync easily
  • Not good at all for video playback (especially Flash on the web)
  • Doesn't handle loud audio too well.
  • Multiple functions on each button can be frustrating

One thing that does concern me is the battery life, it doesn't have a stated official playtime. I'm going to guess between 3 to 4 hours of playback time. Overall I think it's impressive for such a small size speaker.  But it's not as impressive when compared to the other BT speaker systems that are at my place right now.

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