May 17, 2013

For Sale - 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator for Notebooks

A while ago I dreamed of creating 3D games. I did purchase some software and tools to get started modelling, but frankly I never took it too far. As I'm quite busy these days I cannot use many tools, so this 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator must go.  Currently a new unit sells for $90 and used ones for $85.

The unit is in working conditions.  The 3D mouse has been used less than 24 hours.

What's included:
  • SpaceNavigator unit.
  • CD with drivers and software.
  • Sleeve
  • Original box.
  • Does NOT include original packaging materials (ie plastic bags, and cardboard box separators.

Continental USA only.

$50 for the SpaceNavigator + $15 shipping, for a total of $65

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