May 19, 2011

BlackBerry PlayBook - Wifi File Sharing With Windows

Gear: BlackBerry PlayBook, Slate Tablets.

Get rid of those hideous cables and enable Wifi File Sharing.  This is a neat feature of the PlayBook that I think is totally worth enabling because it allows me to sync my files wirelessly. 

How to enable Wifi File Sharing:
  • Open Settings
  • Select Storage & Sharing
  • Click Network Identification and ensure that your Workgroup is the same as your Windows workgroup name (WORKGROUP is the default).
  • Make sure to remember your PlayBook Username
  • Turn Wi-Fi Sharing On
  • Add a password through Password Protect (optional)

You should now be able to see your PlayBook under Network in your Windows computer.  You can add, delete, rename files and folders. If you download things on your BlackBook browser you can now easily view those files with your Windows computer. Enjoy!

Using something like Allway Sync on your computer is also a good idea if you want to keep both PC and PlayBook files on the same page.  You can download it at Allway Sync.


  1. This is definitely a cool feature about the PlayBook, but I would really also like to be able to do that the other way around, i.e., be able to see folders and files on my computer via my PlayBook. Does anyone know if that is possible?

  2. Great tip. I sync with a PC, so not wirelessly, but Allway Sync is perfect for me to easily take everything I need with me.

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