May 19, 2011

BlackBerry PlayBook - Web Browser File Downloads (music, movies, images, etc)

Gear: BlackBerry PlayBook, Slate Tablets.

So you got yourself a PlayBook, or planning to, and now you are wondering if this tablet can download files through websites. The answer is yes. You can download any file (mp3, mp4, jpg, etc). If the website has an "auto download" feature you just have to wait and get your file.  If the website has links then you can press and hold on the link until you it gives you the options to download.  You can rename the files.

Once you have downloaded your files you can open them if they are supported by an App.   If you download an unsupported file you can view/extract them through Windows (wifi file sharing tip).  There's a "downloads" folder inside the PlayBook were you can view all of your files and reorganize them if you need to.

I'm pretty excited to see that Amazon Cloud Player allows me to download my files to my PlayBook.  So I might start using the service a to sync my music files.  I have not decided if I'll use Google's music.  FYI Ronald Jenkees has some good tunes.


  1. Hello
    I have had Playbook for 6 months and all 64 gigs are empty.I can not store radio station podcasts much less you tube videos or pics. My little Nokia N800 does it all however.I am trying to understand your videos but so far no luck. People my age 75 dont connect to fast I guess.
    Bill Anderson

    1. The video is a demonstration. This demonstration goes over how to download several file types, including music, videos, and other.