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I have tried to answer many questions on many mediums (email, comments, youtube) regarding the X220 Tablet.  Here are some of the questions and answers.


My questions, which should be just this side of obvious:

1. How is it to work with in portrait mode? Does software nag you about the narrow width (768px)?
2. How does it balance with the right, left hand?
3. Can you explain the options for glass vs. input--and the cost of the options?
4. Is there some good way to scroll it?


Jesse B Andersen

1. The portrait mode works ok. It really does depend on the size of your documents. If your read PDFs with a specific width you would have to zoom out to view them properly. If you read content that resizes like .epub files then you won't have problems with the new 768 resolution.

2. I can carry it with my left arm and use the stylus with the right and it feels solid. Carrying it with the right is also ok. As long as you hold the system at about the middle part part of the battery you won't have a problem.

3. Infinity glass is the multitouch + stylus. The Gorilla glass version accepts pen input only and is supposed to be the "outdoor" model which means that it will work better in direct sunlight. If you are in shade the Infinity glass version will do fine.

4. I'm not sure what you mean with "Is there some good way to scroll it?" If you mean scrolling through web pages or documents then you can use your fingers to do it like iPad/iPhone do it.


1. This appears to have fewer buttons along the edge than even the X200/201T has. Losing the directional arrows/center OK button was a huge step down already from the X60/61T series. Are there really fewer buttons than the X200/201T? If so, what are they thinking -- that no one uses this in slate mode?

2. Going from 4x3 to widescreen was also a serious downgrade from the X60/61T to the X200/201T. At leas the X200/201T series have 1280x800 screens. I've tried 768px wide screens in portrait mode before (Motion M1400) and I've sworn to never do so again. For web browsing 800px wide in portrait mode is my minimum. Do they offer/plan to offer any higher resolution screens? I'm NOT going back to 768px wide in portrait mode.

3. Are the batteries from the X200/201T series compatible with this tablet? If not, then it will be easier for me to look elsewhere when the time comes to upgrade if I don't like the answers to 1 & 2 above...

Jesse B Andersen

1. Yes there are now three buttons which are Power, Ctrl+Alt+Del, and Rotation. I didn't use the bezel buttons that much with the X201 Tablet, and maybe there are those that did it big time with the X60/61T series. You can assign "Press" and "Press and hold" functions to only the "Rotation" button. So you could almost say that there's 4 buttons! ;-)

2. I thought it was strange to see that the system went to 768px too. Websites are not going to be redesigned to fit the resolution. I have to say that wide screen movies are actually excellent with the X220 Tablet's screen. :)

3. The batteries of the X200 and X201 T are not compatible with this system. This uses an all new battery design.

Hope that answers a few of your questions.


From the Lenovo forums, here is the tabbook product spec sheet for pretty much everything they've got. The x220t is at the bottom. http://www.lenovo.com/psref/pd... Hopefully that will answer a lot of questions for people.

BFDonnelly's question #3 is also answered on the Lenovo forums. You can get this tablet in a Gorilla glass version, but that version does not have capacitive touch - it is stylus only. The other option is Infinity Glass which is the 2-finger touch, 5-finger gesture device, which also works with the stylus.

Since I can see all the specs on this device, I'm curious how fast it boots to desktop. Some video demos looked like the machine actually boots up pretty slowly, but Lenovo's unboxing video was only booted to the Win7 install process, which obviously isn't a usable system until the process is completed.

Also, how well does this machine handle 3D gaming? I don't expect it to be a powerhouse since there is no option except the comparatively weak embedded video hardware, but if it can play modern games reasonably well on moderate settings I'd be happy with it.

Jesse B Andersen

From my experience the boot up times have not improved drastically. It might be because I have a 54000 rpm hard drive. The sleep/resume is were the game is at and the system does well at it.

3D gaming capabilities have improved big time since the X201 Tablet. Do not expect to run hardcore 3D games on this system, but you can run several modern games on low settings. I have a video about it on Youtube.


Is anyone really going to buy a tablet anymore? I mean, I HAVE an x60t or something like that. Don't use it anymore, ipad has replaced it for touch engaged things.

Not trying to create a riot or anything, but even though I LOVE convertibles and have used tablets since the beginning days - I DO think they are pretty much over.

Jesse B Andersen

I think there's a market for specific users. People that want to take electronic notes, or use it for art purposes will find the X220T useful.

The slate tablets like the iPad and Android tablets are great touch systems that deliver a wonderful touch experience. Obviously Windows has gotten a bit behind on that.

I use the X220 Tablet for several purposes. The X220 Tablet can be a Desktop PC with it's docking station, a laptop, and a tablet. It's one machine that can do multiple jobs. The key to the system working well in so many "modes" is software.


1. What does the difference in screens mean for the end-user
2. What is the inking capability like on the 220t. Please show extensive demo. Inking experience, vectoring, palm rest, inking speed, ink-to-test speed recognition in the TIP, Journal and OneNote 2010
3. What is the touch experience like?
4. What is your opinion on the ergonomics?
5. Any plusess and minuses between X220T and X60T?
6. What are your experiences on the screen brightness?
7. What are your experiences on battery life bewteen, heavy, light and medium use with the 6 cell battery.
8. What are your experiences on the rotation speed
9. Multitouch: true or not?
10. Sleep-wake cycle speeds? Amazing or downright disappointing?
11. Any noteworthy crapware on the system?
12. What are your experiences on fan noise and heat production?
13. Can the screen be swivled both ways?
14. Does the X220T also have a Lenovo overlaying tablet touch friendly UI as in the X200T?
15. Will Lenovo provide friendely discounts for extra batteries for its customers of previous tablet pruchaseres?
16. Will Lenovo provide better support for tis tablet customers, and keep their promise?

Jesse B Andersen

That's just too many questions... but I'll answer some.

1. Different screens for different purposes (inside = Infinity glass, outside the house/office = Gorilla Glass).

2. Inking is similar to the previous Wacom tablets. Thinking too much about this will get you nowhere.

3. The touch experience is ok. Windows doesn't do the greatest job at it.

4. Ergonomics depend on the mode that you are using it on. Great as a laptop, good as a desktop replacement, ok as a touch landscape/portrait tablet, and better than iPad at pen input.

5. I don't have the X60T so I don't know.

6. The brightness is similar to the Macbook Air. The screen is one of the best I have seen.

7. If you use the system under extremely intensive applications you will get about 1 hour (running Battery Eater), normal/medium use will get you about 4:30 hours. I have not tried light usage but I can guestimate about 7 to 8 hours. This is all with 6-cell battery.

8. Improved since the X201 Tablet. It's still no iPad.

9. Yes it can do multi-touch.

10. Great sleep/wake speeds. I got a video were I show it.

11. The review units don't have crapware/bloatware included. I presume the versions that will ship to consumers will have some bloatware. It's just how the game is played by companies that need to make money.

12. The X220's fan noise is very minimal when you are not pushing the system. If you do decide to turn Intel's Turbo Boost and Lenovo's Turbo Boost+ then you will hear the fan at it's peak.

13. The screen goes one way only.

14. The X220 Tablet has Lenovo's SimpleTap. Other than that it's just Windows 7.

15. No idea.

16. The best way to get attention when running into problems is to "bitch/complain" about them at every medium you can (Twitter, Facebook, Forums, Review places that allow comments, their Wikipedia, blogs, etc). If they promise one thing and they don't deliver then do it. For example HP is completely hideous at shipping custom made laptops. I have been waiting 3 weeks for HP DV6T Quad Edition and today I got a note that there's a delay and the system won't ship until May. I paid for a system in which I had to wait for 6 weeks. Simply terrible, hideous, and it makes me never want to buy again. I'm sure people will get a variety of experiences. It's good to know both good experiences and bad ones.

If you have questions you can add them to the comments and I'll do my best to answer them.  Thanks!


Published: Apr 19, 2011


  1. Hi Jesse,

    What do you think, do the i5 series (with turbo boost) have any significant advantage over the i3-2310m regarding
    1. touch experience (yeah I know, win7 is not the best for this)
    2. everyday office computing, often many documents and office apps opened
    3. playing/streaming hd videos (intel hd graphics GPU can turbo boost in the i3 also)
    4. editing videos (is the i3 enough for that?)
    5. your aspects?

    Would you reccomend configuring an x220 tablet with the i3-2310M or is it worth waiting for the i5 versions? I don't know the price differences either...

  2. 0. It's totally worth having i5 and above systems. Both CPUS have 2 cores and 4 threads. But were the big difference is comes in the Intel Turbo Boost. The i5 has it, and the i3 does not. The i5 runs at 2.5 GHz but with Intel's Turbo Boost it can max at 3.2 GHz. The i3 will stay at 2.1 GHz. In the end it really depends on how much you need to push the system. If you are doing office documents and HD video the i3 will do fine. If you want to do 3D and need fast video rendering the i5 and i7 versions will be better.

    1. Windows 7 has a good file management system, but navigating through it with touch isn't the world's greatest. There could be a "Touch App Store" for windows which could help centralize touch programs in Windows and that would be sweet. Maybe Windows 8 will have a category with their new app store. (I'm tempted on making a website dedicated to it).

    2. The X220T can handle plenty of office related programs at the same time.

    3. The i3 doesn't have Intel Turbo Boost but it will handle streaming 1080p video. The Turbo Boost has come in handy for me when I push the system with a good 20 tabs in the browser and I have all kinds of media running at the same time.

    4. Rendering videos with the i3 will be slower than i5. It can do it but it wont' be as speedy. I have used 1080p video with Sony Vegas on most of the videos I have recorded and the i5 X220 Tablet does a better job than the i7 X201 that I had.

    5. I'm not sure exactly what you mean with aspects. I think overall the system is really good. The keyboard is way easy to type with and the screen is comparable to the Macbook Air (it's that IPS stuff)

    6. Even though the i3 version was released yesterday I would wait for the i5 and above systems. The i5 and i7 versions should begin selling in one or two weeks (according to Lenovo's Fan Site on Facebook) Expect the i5 versions to cost about $1,500 Several websites have taken preorders at about that price.

    Intel i3 - http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=52220
    Intel i5 - http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=52229
    Prices - http://www.viewtablets.com/2011/04/lenovo-x220-tablet-selling-already-core.html
    Intel Turbo Boost 3D Performance - http://www.jessebandersen.com/2011/04/lenovo-thinkpad-x220-tablet-graphics.html

  3. Hi Jesse,

    can u please check a micro or perhaps a micro + webcam recording? in 720p?

    Best greetings tobi

  4. Tobi,

    I cannot test the mic + webcam recording because of a bug in the drivers. The microphone stops working when you start the camera. I get the same results with ustream, justin.tv, and with Sony Vegas. I have not yet reported this to Lenovo but I'm sure people that just ordered their i3 systems will post about it on the forums.

  5. Hi
    What can you tell us about the heat?

  6. The body of the X220 is much better for cooling than the X201. Like all laptops/tablets if you push the system with heavy programs (rendering 1080p video for example) or 3D gaming the system will get warm.

    I haven't managed to get it to an uncomfortable heat level like I could with the X201 Tablet.

  7. Hi Jesse,

    thanks for ur answer - okey perhaps if u have managed it please do a short review - cause the webcam and of course the micro placement should be another really helpful improvement compared to the x201 tablet!

    The cooling-management is in my eyes one of the realy important improvements to make such a portable system even more powerful! - Great work from lenovo!

    best regards

  8. Hi Jesse,

    What about glare? as I understand it’s glass coated which seems like a step back. Could you maybe make a video of the tablet in different light conditions? You wrote “it will do fine” but it still might be a problem for some people. It can be tiring for some people and it can trigger headaches.

  9. @Tobi

    I'll do a mini review of the webcam in time. Again there's faulty drivers so when you launch the webcam the MIC stops working.

    I agree, the cooling on this machine is amazing.

    @Anonymous regarding screen glare.

    The screen when in full brightness can take a lot of that glare out. If you dimm the brightness down you will begin to notice what's behind you. For some reason I'm never happy with the position of my desk, so I always change it. Right now I have windows behind me and when the screen is in full brightness I can still notice glare, but is very minimal. I'll also consider making a video about it.

  10. Is there a BIOS option to boot off of the MicroHD?

    2nd request for a video showing glare. Ty.

  11. We know, that the screen can be really bright. But what about the minimal brightness?
    I like to use my notebook at night, with no lights on. Will it be possible?

  12. @Steven

    I'm not sure about the boot stuff.

    @Anonymous regarding minimal brightness

    You can manually tweak the brightness using the Function keys. Other methods of tweaking the brightness include the Lenovo SimpleTap program and Windows Mobility Center. It will do fine at night.

  13. hi Jesse,
    I am buying a x220 tablet but in debating if I should go for the multitouch screen or the gorilla glass screen. Which one I should choose. any suggestion?

  14. @Anonymous regarding Gorilla or Infinity glass

    Ask yourself what you will use the system for. If you will use the touch more than the pen then the multi-touch + pen is very convenient. There are gloves if you were an artist and still want the multi-touch. If you are concerned with accidental clicks when the palm is resting on the screen and plan on mostly using the pen to draw/note taking then the pen will do fine.

    I'm also uploading a video right now that shows the glare that you will face with the multi-touch + pen version Infinity glass version. Check back in a few hours and the video will be up. I wish i had the Gorilla glass version and show a comparison.

  15. currently, I am using a x220s. I am buying a x220t for the school use. a friend of mine just bought two gorilla glass x220t and willing let me have one with a discount price. but I am thinking in the future i would regret if I don't get a multitouch one now.

  16. sorry, my laptop is x200s.

  17. Do consider that Windows 8 will be a bit more touch friendly. So the touch can come in handy. If you are a student and use something like Microsoft OneNote you want the multi-touch + pen. MS OneNote is the one program that gets the right combination that I think can be the future of touch computing.

  18. The Gorilla glass one will be better for outdoor purposes and precise pen input.

  19. Hi Jesse,

    Is there big differences between i5 and i7 cpus?

  20. There are some differences between the i5 and i7. Are they huge differences that the average user should worry about... no.

    For details check http://www.viewtablets.com/2011/04/lenovo-now-selling-x220-tablet-core-i3.html

  21. here is my CTO x220t $1408.8

    Intel Core i5-2520M Processor (2.5GHz, 3MB L3)
    Genuine Windows 7 Professional 64 English
    12.5" Multitouch HD (1366x768) LED Backlit Display, Mobile Broadband Ready, 2x2 Antenna
    Intel® HD Graphics 3000
    4 GB PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM 1333MHz SODIMM Memory (1 DIMM)
    TrackPoint and TouchPad
    Fingerprint reader
    Camera, HD 720p
    250 GB Hard Disk Drive, 5400rpm
    ThinkPad Battery 52+ (6 cell)
    Bluetooth 3.0
    Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 (2x2 AGN)
    Integrated Mobile Broadband - Upgradable

  22. anything I should add to it.

  23. I would consider getting an SSD. SSDs will make things faster and it's great for mobile users. It's the one thing I know I'll upgrade on my upcoming HP DV6T laptop.

  24. Hey Jesse, Great Reviews. About the SSD drives, do you know the dimensions of the drive for the x220t?, I would like to upgrade to a 480 gb SSD drive but don't know if it will fit. Thanks!

  25. Gaudhi,

    The X220T takes 2.5 inch SSDs and HDDs.

  26. Hi Jesse,

    This is just a comment. I am really disappointed at how fast a new generation has come as I bought an X201t not long ago... Now this $2000 machines seems to be worthless just overnight.


  27. Tian,

    I think the cycle is set by part manufacturers. Intel keeps making new and more powerful processors every year and the companies that don't adopt them will fall behind.

    Getting a system just by the specs or because it's new is the wrong approach. The right way of figuring out what system to get is by figuring out if it can do the things you absolutely need.

    I had an iPad for a while but was a big waste of money and time. For my situation I did not need an iPad. I have bought many different electronic devices and most of them i sell back after playing with them. At the end of the day the things I "need" vs what I "want" makes the difference in what I keep.

    So what have I kept? a mouse, a keyboard, monitor, power supply, Bose headphones, one computer (DV6T is mine, the X220T is borrowed), and my super old Palm Pre.

    I'm still going to play around with new technologies because I like to have a bit of fun. But essential items stay.

  28. Hey Jesse,
    Now that we have seen the Windows 8 preview, do you think it can run on x220 tablets smoothly....with all the touch features..?

  29. Shaun,

    I think it will be fantastic for Windows 8. I'm not sure what the results would be if you compared ARM vs Core i, but I assume the Core i CPUs would give you better performance. ARM would give you better battery life.

  30. Hi Jasse, i would to know material of case and keyboard: plastic, metal,...
    I not find detailed information of this importan particolar.

    PS: exuse me for my english

  31. The case is made of magnesium alloy and plastic. The keyboard seems to be plastic.

  32. thank you very much, but it seems metal o plastic to touch?

  33. according to your experience, what's the battery life with applications like Photoshop, wifi on and dimmer 50%?

  34. It feels like a hard plastic.

    I cannot give you an estimation on the battery life with Photoshop because all images are different in size. Images have different sizes and that would use different amounts of RAM and CPU/GPU.

  35. Do you know realy availability of gorilla glass display? Do you think that it provide a real benefit for visibility? Thanks Jasse...i'm Marco

  36. @Marco

    I have not tried the Gorilla glass version. According to Lenovo it does provide a better "outdoor" experience.

    With the Gorilla glass version you won't have the multi-touch. It only allows pen input.

  37. Hey Jesse,

    thanks for your reviews.

    I've placed an order for x220t in amazon.

    My doubts are :

    1. im not sure if this is multi touch or gorilla
    glass. Is there a way to find out...?

    2. Does the digitizer pen come along with the x220 t by default or should i order it separately.

    Both were not listed in the site.

    It would be great if you can clarify it

  38. 1. If there's any words like "finger", "touch", "multi-touch" that means that you have the Infinity Glass which supports pen and finger touch input. If it didn't say then you will have to wait until it arrives at your place.

    2. The digitizer comes with the system.

  39. Hey Jesse,

    Thnx for your quick response and clarification.
    I guess i'll have to wait for the piece to arrive.

    you are wonderful!!

  40. hello..
    first of all, thank you for plenty information you have provided on both the x201 and x220 tablets..
    i am considering one of these two mostly for drawing directly on the display with the digitizer in sketchbook, corel painter and cs5.. at first i was going to buy wacom cinq 13, which is a display only, similar price..
    1. in your opinion, is the i3 x220 capable of running the software i have mentioned without lag.. 4gig ram, resolutions up to about 1080p??
    2. have you experienced any significant inprovement in 220's handling the pen input over 201's??
    3. do you find the 201's display to be inferior, NOT talking about aspect ratio??
    4. did you in your testing/ use of both devices incounter any major functional problems??
    i stress that i am in a market for a secondary machine, as i've said, not too concerned about pushing this hardware to the limit, would be content with a cinq, autonomy is just a welcome plus.. yet.. if it cannot pull of the 2D apps, i haven't exactly made myself a great deal.. so far i prefere the x201, i7.. for roughly the same money i could get the 220 i3..
    thank you..

  41. 1. I wouldn't be my chips on the i3 because it lacks the Intel Turbo Boost which should help you out a lot when multi-tasking. Some programs can be quite intensive. The i3 might be able to handle few programs open, but the i5 does a superb job.

    2. I would say no dramatic improvements. Wacom based tech seems to be the same.

    3. I think the X220T has a better screen than the X201T.

    4. There are issues with all convertible tablets. It's just how it is. If you do your research you will know that most Wacom based screens seem to lose their accuracy at the edges.

    I have not tested the Wacom Cintiq so I can't compare it to the Lenovo tablets. It seems that a lot of professional artists use the Cintiq line.

  42. Hi, Jesse
    I'm Linh
    Thanks for all the reviews
    Can you tell me which one is better, Fujitsu T580 or Thinkpad X220, for long hour reading Pdfs? I'm using a Fujitsu T5010 at the moment and it really hurts my eyes when reading pdf. The texts of pdf displayed not very neatly on T5010. I think the screen of T5010 is very bad for eyes when reading pdf and also for reading websites. I'm wondering whether T580 is also like that. I really like the Ntrig Duosen technology of T580 but if it is not very good for long hours reading pdf, then I would not go for it. Please give me an advice. Thank you so much!

  43. @Anonymous regarding T580 or X220T
    Hands down the X220T. The X220T's screen has a resolution that will handle PDFs better and the viewing angles on the X220T are amazing.

    If you are having eye issues I recommend some supplements. Using eye drops all the time could mean deficiency. I take Equate Vision Formula along vitamin/mineral supplements before and after sleep.

    Some people claim that a faster refresh rate helps (which is something not often seen in laptop LCDs).

    The technology gains more traction is the Pixel Qi. On the videos that I have seen it looks amazing. I have one that I plan on installing on the T580 (hopefully it works).

  44. Hi, Jesse!

    Which screen type will give more glare - Gorilla or Infinity?

  45. Infinity glass version will have more glare. The Gorilla version is meant for outdoor use and therefore less glare.

  46. Since a lot of people seem to be looking at both the infinity and the gorilla glass I might as well give my 2 cents.

    The screens are the same on both. Same IPS screen. IPS screens in general are pretty crappy in bright light situations. If you really need to work bright light situations then you'd be better off with another machine (HP 2760p comes to mind) with a BOE Hydis AFFS+ screen which is essentially an IPS-based technology with transreflexive properties.

    Gorilla glass is a bit harder but probably won't give that much of a benefit since the screen is closed most of the time. A $15 Photodon screen protector will protect your screen either way.

    The main advantage of the GG screen is that the glass is directly bonded to the screen, which means less parallax between the tip of the pen and where the pointer appears on the screen. This is good for digital artists.

    A secondary benefit of GG is that since it doesn't have the multitouch layer, there's no "grain" or "speckle" above the screen - not much of an issue, but some might like it.

    IMHO the infinity glass is the better choice. $100 cheaper and you get the MT.

  47. Thanks for the comment. It's very informative.

  48. First off, thank you Jesse for making a great video review of the X220T! I have a few questions for you and what advice you can give me.

    I'm currently using a Sony Vaio Z1290S (great laptop), I mainly use it for photoshop work, video editing and other general uses. It handles them pretty well but lately it has been lagging a bit and I'm thinking of an upgrade.

    I'm a photographer and I do a lot of photo editing, converting, etc...I like the X220t because I can use the wacom pen to edit images which is easier than a mouse. Also, the IPS is a big plus for color accuracy, the sony is a TN display...but has better resolution 1600x900.

    here are my few concerns:

    1. will this laptop be able to handle the programs suchs as CS5, LR3, Sony Vega and future versions even if I bought the X220T with a i7 processor?

    2. I heard you can install 2 hard drive into the X220T, the micro sata SSD and the default 2.5" HDD slot? I need a lot of storage space, minimum 2TB. A Micro Sata SSD is pretty expensive (you know cheap alternatives?) and there is no higher storage 2.5" 7mm HDD, only 1TB. I want to be able to have 2 storage drive, one main HDD and one for backup. I have 2 HDD on my Sony, 128GB SSD and I swap out the Optical for a 500GB HDD.

    3. Is the intel 3000 graphic be able to handle the image/video work?

    So the positive points with X220T is the IPS display and the Wacom which is great! but if the graphics or storage is not up to par then it could be a game changer...I really like Lenovo's laptop and not many out there that has IPS panels. You probably ask why don't I edit my stuff on a desktop? Reason is that I like the portability of it. My second option is gaming laptops because of the graphic power and storage but I lose on battery life, IPS, and wacom function...

    Any suggestion is greatly appreciated!

  49. @last anonymous

    1. It will handle those programs. I used the X201T and X220T with Sony Vegas and have used Photoshop trials with them. The X220T's CPU does a very good job.

    2. 2TB is a lot of storage space. It could be done. If you really wanted to get the most storage you would:

    a. Install a bigger 7mm 2.5" HDD
    b. Use a microSD card. There are 64GB SDXC cards are available, and according to their specs they can go up to 2TB. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Digital
    c. Install the Mini PCI-E for a micro sata SSD.
    d. Install the Mini PCI-E slot as microSD card.
    e. Install an ExpressCard SSD
    f. Install an ExpressCard with microSD slot and add a microSD.
    g. Use small thumb/flash drives on the USB slots.
    h. Get an external USB hard drive.

    3. Yes. It can handle image/video work. Of course discrete graphics would be better. With the X220T as long as you have enough RAM memory the programs will work fine.

    I also like portability. A while ago I sold my desktop PC and got myself a laptop. Of course with a desktop PC we can do many more things (and the parts are cheap), but mobile systems are powerful enough now.

  50. Thank you very much Jesse for answer my questions!

  51. Jesse, Can you review some basics for turning ON the digitizer and touch features of the x230t? I find the user guide unhelpful. Sometimes the pen and fingers work on the screen...sometimes not. And, I haven't figured out how to control them. Really appreciate your replies and your videos. Thanks!

    1. Here are a few links to some pages that may be helpful.






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