3D Laptop Screen Without the Glasses

I don't think the 3D with glasses thing has worked too well for home use with TVs. Glasses look funny on you, and it's also another step you must take before enjoying your movies. Also... a family and friends group wearing 3D glasses looks super dorky. Some new devices like the Nintendo 3DS will be producing 3D without glasses, and that's completely fine for a single user. Will it work for a 3D laptop?

Toshiba is producing a 3D screen on some of their upcoming laptops.  I would so like to try one of them.  Obviously you can't see images popping from your current screen, but I bet the Nintendo 3DS will be the first system to introduce a lot of people to 3D without glasses.  If it's good enough I bet more PC companies will create similar screens.

Don't you want to look like that?  ;-)  - Image by TopNews

Published: Jan 3, 2011

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