Apr 8, 2010

iSival MP720B1 - Creating Ultra Wide Screen Projection

Gear: iSival MP720B1 Projector, Logitech MK710 Keyboard and Mouse Combo

I have done one Eyefinity 3 monitor setup for games before.  However monitors have a bezel that you have to deal with when playing games, watching movies, and anything media related.  HD projectors offer a great solution and the iSival MP720B1 does a good job on a budget and an awesome small form factor.  Check out the videos to see some of my demonstrations of ultra wide setups that can deliver huge resolutions.

UltraWide Demo Scene

Ultra Wide Dirt 2 Game (3200 x 900 and 4032 x 1080 resolutions)

Ultra Wide  GRAW 2

Pretty amazing results right?   Thanks to Sival Instrument's Richard Quan for providing the second projector for these demonstrations.  There's so much more that I could do with two projectors but that will have to do for now.  Enjoy!

Gear on the video:
iSival MP720B1 Projector
Logitech MK710 Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Note:  I will be without technology (pc and internet) for a few weeks so I won't be able to answer questions until early May.  Adios!


  1. Hey Jesse,

    I noticed there is a distinct line between the two projected images. Anyway of eliminating them? The two projector use is pretty cool. Just wouldn't want the line.

  2. There is no 100% way of eliminating those lines. You can minimize them by having your projectors on tripods and being very precise with your adjustments. You can see on my videos that I have the two projectors just sitting on the table which is not very precise at all.

    Alienware has a "Wraparound" monitor that is really three monitors in one. They have done a decent job at trying to remove those vertical lines, but you can still see them. Maybe NEC's 43 inch ultra-wide monitor is better. I'm not sure what technique they used, but it's something that could be also applied to projectors.

  3. Also, if you did a three projection setup you could eliminate the vertical line in the middle. You would now have two vertical lines but they would be to the sides and it wouldn't get in the way.

    If you check some of my other posts a single projector does a very good job for movies and media. But if you want wide screen resolutions combining projectors is a very new approach that works.

  4. Thanks for the response, Jesse. I think your two projector approach is very nice. I was interested in going with a set-up like this for a scope movie presentation. It would work great if I could find a way to smooth the edges between the two projectors.

    How's the black level on this projector? On fade to blacks, does it go completely black? A total blackout? I like that it's a LCOS LED too. Wonder how it compares to a DLP LED?


  5. @David

    Blacks are good with this projector because it's an LED system. If it was a lamp blacks would look washed up. I don't have other systems so I can't compare them side to side.

    This is a "favorite" video from Sival Instruments demonstrating DLP vs LCD.

    I hope it helps.

  6. Jesse thanks for the reviews, what about the "rainbow effect" I know that is not a dlp with color wheel but this is a LED syndiant engine if I'm not wrong, did you notice this effect or is only a camcorder+suhtter speed+cmos result?.


  7. You know it's kind of hard to remember after a few years of not having the system. As of now I would be fairly unreliable on specifics. I think the projector looked great when I had it, the lumens level could be better.