Aug 11, 2010

To be gone for a while

Over the past few days I have been 100% miserable.  I plan on selling all of my electronic devices and unplug myself from the internet indefinitely.

Among the devices to be sold:
HP 2509m monitor
My computer (in parts since there's no bid)
Logitech webcam
Sony HDR-CX150
Flip UltraHD
Korg MicroX
Lenovo S10-3T (Win 7 Home Premium, Case, 80GB SSD, 2GB RAM, USB Mouse, TV Tuner, 8GB SD Card, USB Hub)

Those will be my last posts.  I'll be busy Thursday until Sunday because of Marines.  I plan on begin posting on eBay late Sunday and early Morning.  Once the items are sold I won't reply to comments on any of the blogs, youtube, and others places, until I decide to come back.


Anonymous said...

A man, I just discovered this place and bought an s10-3t, I love your videos.

I hope you feel better, though. I've felt like that before, like I needed to disconnect from everything for a while. I know from reading reviews and articles that you've helped a lot of people with the s10-3t; I found this place through a review on Amazon. You need to do what's best for you though. And I see below you're into Stossel too, Gimme a Break is a great book. I enjoy his show on FBN.

Thanks for your service in the Marines too. Try to be safe out there protecting America and our freedoms.

Anonymous said...

I told my brother you were looking to sell your lenovo st3t. He is wondering what your looking to get for it.

Jesse B Andersen said...

@Anonymous 1
I had a nice camping trip for a few days and feel way better. I still have to get rid of all those electronics so I'll go forward with that. I think I'm going to go for a few weeks of disconnect. Then I'll come back. A few thousand emails have been answered since I started the lenovo blog.

@Anonymous 2
I'm looking to sell my S10-3T for over $500 since it has quite a few upgrades. It does have a bit cosmetic wear but nothing that prevents functionality.

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