Aug 17, 2010

August - Weekly Summary 2

11 Posts last week.

Jesse B Andersen - jessebandersen.com
Worst Movies Ever - Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection
John Stossel on Threats to Freedom and Taxation Insanity
To be gone for a while

ION Overview - ionoverview.com
Acer Aspire One 532G Overview
Asus 1201PN Overview - Review

HP TM2T - hptm2t.com
HP TM2 Featured among The Top 10 Notebooks of CES 2010 by Laptop Mag

Viliv S10 - vilivs10.com
Viliv S10 Blade Hands-On Video by Laptop Magazine

Lenovo S10-3T - lenovos103t.com
S10-3T featured in MAC Life magazine. What?

Performed Music - performedmusic.com
That's Not How You Play A Keyboard by BearKeys

Wii Goldeneye 007 - wiigoldeneye.com
Official Nintendo Magazine - Goldeneye 007 Interview with Tim Coupe

3DS Kid Icarus - 3dskidicarus.com
Pit Move Set from Smash Bros Brawl


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