fidproject.org - Foundation for Indian Development
  - Experience gained: Yahoo Webhosting system
cordellmandersen.com - My Father's webdsite
 - Using blogger.com

Tech Blogs
hptm2t.com - Power and portability
ION Overview - Systems using the Nvidia ION
lenovos103t.com - My new favorite netbook/netvertible
- Music performed live with electronic equipment
s103tvsipad.com - S10-3T vs iPad Blog!
vilivs10.com - Website to keep up with news about this "netvertible"
worksetup.com - There are some crazy work setups out there, I will post them here

Gaming Blogs
3dskidicarus.com - Kid Icarus Uprising blog
wiigoldeneye.com - Wii Goldeneye 007!

Realm Crafter - worked with Mark Bryant to produce tools for a game creation engine
- learned FUI and Blitz programming
- collaborated with people from Michigan, Nevada, and the UK

USMC - Infantry in the reserves
 - Deployed to Ramadi, Iraq during 2009

Other Employment
BurrellesLuce - Electronic press clipping
  - You can charge companies $2.50 per article written (there are millions)
Nestle's Stouffer's - General Production
  - OK pay, most miserable months of my life
  - Wake up, eat, go to work, eat, keep working, go home, eat and shower, sleep and repeat