Aug 8, 2010

John Stossel on Threats to Freedom and Taxation Insanity

When I was in high school our awesome Business Management teacher showed us a John Stossel video about capitalism and well I like the guy. Since I'm looking into starting a business myself I was checking things out and it seems that it's more complicated than I thought. :-(   I'll just have to figure things out slowly but will do it.  Check out these videos if you are interested in more info.

Threats to Freedom

Taxation Insanity

I have spent some hours reading his books at Barnes and Noble.  He's got some good info and the videos and books narrow down stuff a bit.  It seems like you can't easily start something unless you have professionals (lawyers, accountants, and MBAs) involved because of all the legalities.

For more on John Stossel check:

Stossel Books

Utah's official business website:


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