Link Dump 0034 - Regex, Dark Patterns, AI, Dlang, and Kirby

Artificial Intelligence
- AI can predict when patients will die from heart failure 'with 80% accuracy'.
- Apple to Start Publishing AI Research to Hasten Deep Learning.
- Building a Machine Learning Engine from Big Data.
- Watch an AI supercomputer battle top pros in a $200,000 poker tournament.

Comedy and Internet
- Awkward hug.
- George Bush This Morning.
- Instant regret.
- Kirby, as drawn by his creators.
- Make GIFs great again!
- My name is reek.
- Ocelot staring.
- Redneck's valuable life lesson using two lighters.
- White Home Alone.
- When the waitress comes back to ask if everything okay.

- Cateck USB 3.0 5-Port Hub with SD card and Mini SD card slots, mic in and headphone out jacks.
- Cateck USB Numberic Keypad with USB 3.0 Hub, and external audio and mic combo.
- Creative Sound Blaster E3 Portable USB DAC Headphone Amp with Bluetooth and NFC, and aptx.
- Hooshion Portable Crystal Mini Speaker, Micro SD, FM Radio.

- 3 Types of Solar Array Systems Explained.
- Google: We're set to reach 100% renewable energy.

Health and Fitness
- Big Sugar's Secret Ally? Nutritionists.
- Calorie restriction lets monkeys live long and prosper.
- Caffeine may be able to block inflammation, new research says.
- Chemical found in Australian berry destroys tumors in about a week. Study moves to human clinical trials.
- Constrained Total Energy Expenditure and Metabolic Adaptation to Physical Activity in Adult Humans.
- 'Tooth repair drug' may replace fillings.

Evolution, Physics, Science
- Ants on Stilts Help Show Bugs Have "Pedometers".
- Chapter 4: Radio.
- Caesarean births 'affecting human evolution'.
- Cultural differences may leave their mark on DNA.
- Feathered dinosaur tail captured in amber found in Myanmar.
- Four new names officially added to the periodic table of elements.
- MIT Unveils New Material That's Strongest and Lightest On Earth.
- Mitigating the risk of geoengineering.
- Natural selection making 'education genes' rarer, says Icelandic study.
- NPR Cosmos & Culture.
- Science Can Quantify Risks, But It Can't Settle Policy.
- Scientists Predict Star Collision Visible to the Naked Eye in 2022.
- Scientists Think the Speed of Light has Slowed, and They're Trying to Prove It.

- A Backdoor in Skype for Mac OS X.
DB Hacking - Mongo DB.

Software Development
- Ascii Codes.
- Cpp Library: Regular Expression1.
- CppCon 2016: Tim Shen "Regular Expressions in C++, Present and Future".
- Cpp C++11 raw strings literals tutorial.
- Cpp11 Regular-Expression Library: Dealing with Escape Sequences.
- Dlang Associative Arrays.
- Dlang conv.
- Dlang introduction to regular expressions.
- Dlang retro.
- Dlang std.regex.
- Dlang typecons.
- Modified ECMAScript regular expression grammar.
- Regex at
- Regex at Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet by DaveChild.
- Should you write comments?

Software Development (the dark side)
- Dark Patterns.

Web Services
- NeverSSL, disabling SSL encryption (careful).
- Regex Pal
- Test how mobile-friendly your site is.

Windows Tips
- Disabling UAC via registry (WARNING: breaks many Windows 10 apps).

Published: Jan 27, 2017

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