Movies List [Updated Aug 17, 2016]

 Here's a list of movies and some words regarding them.  Some ought to be entertaining.

Excellent - The Movies that I can watch several times.
- Ip Man: Observe the fighting art of Wing Chun!
- Star Wars (IV, V, VI): Yep, there is a lot of depth in these movies.
- The Matrix (1st one): Computers + kung fu + philosophy + the chosen one = geek punk cool.
- The Odyssey: A long movie, but it's filled with a rich amount of characters.

Very Good - Your Attention is glued to the movie, maybe worth watching again.
- American Psycho: Ladies, there are rich handsome business bachelors just for you!  Keep watching.
- BraveHeart: Freeeeeeedom!
- Equilibrium: By the book special-cop dude wakes up from NWO style brainwashed status.  Lot's of cool fighting eye-candy.
- Jarhead: Fairly well done and legitimately represents a lot of the USMC.
- Lord of War: Selling arms is so much fun!
- March of the Penguins: Nature, beautiful cinematography, and Morgan Freeman's voice make a superb documentary.
- Restrepo: Be all you can be -- in Afghanistan!
- The Firm: What's going to happen next?
- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: One of the few western movies that is worth watching.
- The Man From Nowhere: Korean no non-sense fighting.
- The Theory of Everything: Stephen Hawking's journey.  The music is excellent, but not enough physics!
- The World's Fastest Indian: An old foolish New Zealander with the dream of testing his motorcycle, the guy has balls.
- Valkyrie: Killing Hitler requires a lot of work.

Pass - Keeps you entertained, but I wouldn't watch it again.
 - Casino Royale: Bond killing bad guys, and poker.
 - Dredd (2012): By the book veteran tests rookie.
- Godeneye: Satellite destroying places in the world, Bond is called upon to stop it.
 - Interstellar: A bit long, the main actor's voice sometimes is hard to understand... but the physics are pretty cool.
- Jack Reacher: Something about sniper guy.
- Mission Impossible 2: Global disease thing, and must save the girl.
- Secret (2007): Piano playing time traveling Korean movie.
- SkyFall: Bond killing bad guys... again.
- Taking Chance: Marine officer escorts dead Marine to grave... emotional.
- The Ninth Gate: Book dealer Johnny no-muscle Depp goes on a trip to verify satanic book that can summon the dark lord.  The weakling needs physical strength so who better to do it than some blonde girl.
- The Special Relationship: Bill Clinton and Tony Blair are BFFs!
- The Warrior's Way: Ninja sword master assassin goes to America's west and tries to live peacefully, but the past will also haunt them.  Some cool sword slashing moves.
- The Woman in Black: Rocking chair freakiness.
- Zoolander: The movie is stupid fun.

Horrible - The types of movies that are unbearable, idiotic, lack depth. The types of movies that you should have never been created.
- Black Hawk Down: Let's shoot stuff, and do some more shooting, and after that we should shoot more stuff.
- Centurion: A never ending chase from a mystic witch thing.
- Delta Force 2: God, why did you allow this abomination to occur.
- Jarhead2: The title should not be "Jarhead" since it is nothing like the first movie.  I stopped watching.
- Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters  --  Can they stop putting their weapons on their shoulders?  Some hideous acting.
- Rash Times: Mexican bato wannabee BS in LA.
- Jackass & Jackass number two: Humor for idiots.
- Nacho Libre: Jack Black wearing tight pants.
- Robin Hood: Men in Tights: Gay.
- The Bling Ring: Kids stealing stuff, taking selfies... no conflict in movie until about an hour in.  Emma Watson, you can do so much better than this.  The future of America has never looked brighter.
- The Expendables: What is this non tactical action eye-candy bullshit?
- The Hunger Games: A useless blonde dude and the super strong unrealistic feminist idol are thrown into some wilderness deathmatch for the amusement of the world.
- The Dictator: I wish I had never had seen this... remarkably I stayed until the end.
- The Secret: Make the universe vibrate and it will make all your dreams come true...  they should have read books like Outliers.
- Spring Breakers: About 8 minutes in and... who makes this pile of trash?  I bet they did it just so that horny dudes could get a glimpse of girls in bikinis.

Published: Aug 17, 2016

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