Oct 24, 2014

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows, and Nyko Power Kit Plus

Lately I have felt like doing some gaming on my PC.  The Xbox 360 controller for Windows perfectly fine for this purpose.  One advantage of this controller is that you can replace the batteries, and what better than to go rechargeable--so I got a Nyko Power Kit Plus. Of course, there are many other controllers available on the market and I'll share my thoughts about them at the following link:  PC Game Controller Comparison.

For closeups of this controller and kit you can continue below.

This controller sums up the features of most modern gamepads/controllers.

The controller is wireless, has sleek buttons, great analog and digital shoulder buttons.

Usually batteries last quite a bit.  However I prefer rechargeable controllers.

There are many rechargeable battery kits you can purchase.  The one here is the Nyko Power Kit Plus, which comes with two batteries.

The back of the package.

Contents of the Nyko Power Kit Plus.

The kit lets you know when the batteries are fully charged by displaying a green or orange color.

For my thoughts on this and several game controllers check the following link: PC Game Controller Comparison.

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