Bitcoin - The Conan Version

 It seems that Bitcoin is going down.  First, Mt Gox, the biggest exchange of Bitcoin, have made a complete mess of the exchange situation.  Then the IRS established an official Virtual Currency Guide, so the US citizens have the responsibility of paying taxes.  Before the IRS coming into the picture, the price per coin at Coinbase was about $580--now it's selling at about $425.  The mass media of course is further propagating messages that do not support the currency, so for now it looks like Bitcoin's usage is to remain confined.

As a consumer, I wouldn't turn my USD to Bitcoin and use it as money because it's perceived value is too erratic. If the per coin price became stable then I would be more tempted on doing purchases with the digital currency.  For now, I'll stick with the fiat currency.

For the latest info on the currency I recommend Zero Block.

Published: Apr 12, 2014

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