MATH 1210 (Calculus I) - Introduction

Math 1210 covers a portion of Calculus.  Calculus can be divided into three courses, and the material that I will share relates to Calculus I.  In this course you will learn how to do derivatives, and anti-derivatives.  You can learn how to maximize or minimize areas, volume, costs, etc.  There's also a glimpse of physics.  The book used is Stewart's Calculus 7E and I would recommend getting the Student Solutions Manual to reduce the amount of time the homework consumes.

In the coming days I will share quizzes, tests, and other material that can be used to practice and for study.  I would also recommend getting Microsoft's Mathematics or use Wolfram Alpha. Sometimes I find it useful to know the answer and figure out the procedure myself.  Let's begin!

Published: Dec 25, 2013

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