Nov 29, 2013

Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet - Replacement Power Adapter

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Have you ever forgotten that one important power adapter?  I know I have and hate it when I realize that I left it at home.  The experience is even worse when I realize that I forgot to charge my X230T and the battery's power is nearly drained. battery is nearing it's end.  For this reason I bought a second power adapter--one for home and one for on the road.  This is not an official adapter, but it was cheap and gets the job done.  There are a few more details and images below.

The box.

The contents of the box packaged... don't expect much.

The replacement AC adapter unit and power cable.  This adapter works on the X230 Laptop, but it will work with the X230 Tablet as well.

So what are the differences?  First you can notice that the replacement adapter is slightly longer, wider, and thicker.  Second, the Input of the Replacement adapter's label indicates a 1.2A input while the Lenovo one indicates a 1.8A.  Both have the same output of 20V 3.25A  (the Replacement AC Adapter does not indicate the 65W, but it it's the same as in the Lenovo AC Adapter).  I don't notice a big difference in performance, but I have not done a proper test.  But overall I don't have to worry too much about results, it's a power adapter and it provides energy when I'm at home.

I use the Replacement AC Adapter along with the ThinkPad UltraBase Series 3.  In this way I only dock my unit and my X230T receives the power it needs.  Now, since the Replacement one stays home I can take the slightly slimmer one on the road.  Usually I always keep the Lenovo AC Adapter in my backpack--this way I never "forget" to bring along this often overlooked essential accessory.  It's neat when the mind is at ease.


  1. Just FYI, I recentley bought a replacement power adapter for my X230T, however I bought a 90W adapter (reading online a lot of people have done this) and it reduces battery drain when doing really intensive things like gaming.

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