Aug 24, 2013

Math 1060 (Trigonometry) - Test 1

This is the first test of Math 1060.  This covers the basics of Trigonometry, and yes each test will get more difficult! To see the solution click on the problem's number.  As always, check the Course Outline and Summary and Graphs to research the topics covered in this test.

1) Find the complement and supplement of 19 deg 26' 40".

2) Find the exact measure of a central angle of a circle (a) in radians and (b) in degrees if the radius is r = 6 ft and the arc length is s = 4pi ft.

3) Find the exact area of a sector of a circle if the radius is 8 inches and the central angle is 40 degrees.

4) Find the speed of a vehicle in feet per minute if the tires have a radius of 10 inches and the tires are rotating at 18 revolutions per second.

5) Find the Sin A, Cos A, and Tan A using the following triangle:

6) Find the exact value of: Sin( 60 deg) * Cos( 30 deg ) + Cot( 45 deg )

7) The angle of depression from the top of an 80-foot high building to a marker M on level ground is 25 degrees. Find the distance from the top of the building to M.

8) Given Sec A = 13/5 for an acute angle A, find Csc A.

9) Find Cos B and Tan B for an angle B in standard position whose terminal side passes through the point (-3, -4).

10) Find the exact value:

(a) Sec ( 0 deg )
(b) Tan ( 180 deg )
(c) Sin (3pi/2)

11) Find the reference angle:

(a) 170 deg
(b) -120 deg
(c) 13pi/6 radians.

12) Find the exact value of tan 330 deg.

13) Simplify:

14) Show whether f(x) = Sin(x)/x^3 is even, odd, or neither.

15) Write Csc( t) in terms of Cot( t) if:

(a) 0 < t < pi/2
(b) pi < t < 3pi/2

16) Graph one period of the function, state the period, label 5 points in the period.

(a) y = Cos(x)
(b) y = (1/2) Sin( x/3 )


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