Apr 17, 2013

Soundmatters foxLO - Connection Methods

Direct Method

Gear: Soundmatters foxLO, foxLv 2 Platinum.

There are two methods of connecting the foxLO. The first is Direct Method, and this is for speakers that do not have an active subwoofer output. The audio will go from the audio source to the subwoofer, and from the subwoofer to the speaker.

It's easy to overload the foxLO. Make sure that you are not overloading it, but also ensure that your bass is not weak. Due to the size of the bass level slider it can be tricky.

FoxL to foxLO Method

This method involves the active subwoofer output from the foxL speakers. In this method, the audio will go from the source to the speaker, and from the speaker to the subwoofer. It may or may not use the Attenuation and Limiter options.

Attenuation Cable
This reduces the amount of audio that goes from the speaker to the foxLO, and reduces the likelihood of overload. If you have a foxL version 2.2 (
check back of foxL unit) then you may need to use this cable. If you have an earlier version then you may not need to use the Attenuation cable.

When enabled, the limiter allows the subwoofer to get louder. However, the increased volume affects the deepness of the bass. I have kept the Limiter disabled.

Overall I prefer the foxL to foxLO method because I can sense better complimentary audio from the foxLO and the foxLv2. The speaker is the main device, and the subwoofer is the secondary device. It may take some patience, but with the right tweaks you can hit that "sweet spot."

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