Jul 8, 2012

Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet - Screen Wobbling

Gear: Photodon Screen Protector, X230T Accessories.

Screen wobbling is present in the X230T. It is maybe more noticeable because of the single hinge design, which has to support an entire screen by itself. Laptops usually have at least 2 hinges, which support the screen better.

There are three types of hinge wobbling, which are: side to side, front and back, and rotation wobbling.

There is a gap that allows the screen to rotate, this gap allows some side to side wobbling. I don't think it's something to be deeply concerned about because you really, really, really, really have to look for it.

Front and back wobbling is something to be concerned with because wobbling can be quite visible given the right conditions. The absolute worst conditions would be when you place the X230T on a shaky/weak surface and then type like an angry man; the front and back movement will make the hinge give up. Of course most people have a decent surface and are not typing like that. When typing on a good surface you will notice a few millimeters of wobbling. If the wobbling is too much I would recommend getting a hinge replacement.

Rotation wobbling is what happens when you have the system in laptop mode and you can notice that there is some wobbling at the lower edges of the screen. 3 to 4 millimiter wobbling is normal.

If your hinge is weak from the beginning it will not get any better, it will worsen. Even healthy hinges will eventually wear out in a few years and they will need a replacement. That's the life of the convertible tablet.



  1. Well, on my x200t the screen despite of >3 yrs usage, is much more "tighter", there's NO wobbling while typing.


  2. Hi Jesse,
    Thanks a lot for you video.
    Does your screen scrape against the battery when you wobble it ?

    1. Sorry about my English.
      I would like to say :
      Does your screen scrape against the battery while you switch to tablet mode ?

    2. The screen can make contact with the battery when turning it. Most of the time it doesn't, but you can force it to make contact. It really depends on the way that you turn the screen.

    3. On mine it makes contact most of the time.
      It appears it's an isolated incident. I will contact technical support.
      Thanks Jesse.