Jul 22, 2012

PC GRAW 2 - Mission 09 - Codename Farallon (Hardcore)

Gear: GRAW2

Perhaps the last mission in the Hardcore series. Almost every Hardcore mission has all Special Achievements. Mission 09 is a long level, it requires the use of every possible skill. It does take a lot of patience, timing, and using the team in the best possible ways (yes you have to adjust to the AI behavior which works well at times, and sometimes it doesn't).

All it takes to mess it up is one mistake. While the mission was not accomplished "perfectly", it was close enough. ;)

The default checkpoints are spread way apart, which is annoying. The smart thing to do is to create checkpoints, use the K key. Use L to load the last saved checkpoint.

I do not plan on doing Mission 10, because it is extremely hard and there is almost no way of getting all Special Achievements.

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