Jun 30, 2012

Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet - ThinkPad Tablet Sleeve

Gear: ThinkPad Tablet Sleeve, X230T Accessories.

There are many cases available, but there are not many "tablet" specific cases. The ThinkPad Tablet Sleeve is a case that works with both the X220 and X230 Tablets.

A few notes:
  • The case comes with a strap.
    • The strap is adjustable.
    • You can cross body the case (ie messenger style).
    • The strap can be removed completely.
  • The back panel has webbing.
    • Because of the webbing there is ventilation to the system.
  • All ports and features are accessible.
  • The front flap keeps the screen protected.
    • It can be moved to the back, and secured.
    • This flap also has an X handle.
  • I would not use the case facing down (it's not a good idea).
  • The sleeve's window has a hideous extra bulk (which bunches up and leaves a gap).
  • The sleeve  supports 6-cell and 3-cell batteries.
  • Expect this sleeve to be used for tablet input only.
    • No keyboard input.
  • The sleeve uses velcro to secure the system, which is pretty tough and makes a lot of noise when taking the X230T out.
  • While the X230T is not the slimmest tablet available, the ThinkPad Tablet Sleeve makes the system feel even bulkier.  It does feel heavy after a while.

I am not going to keep the ThinkPad Tablet Sleeve because I use a rooCase 12.1 Inch Laptop Deluxe Bag. The rooCase is better for my type of usage, which includes the keyboard.

The ThinkPad Tablet Sleeve is good for tablet mode only. I hope this gives you some ideas of what to expect with this sleeve/case. No more new posts for another week.




  1. Hi Jesse! Could you measure by ruler it real size (dimensions) with equipped 6 cell battery and post result here? Currently I have my ThinkPad X120e, thinking of buying X230t and would like to understand how big it is comparing to my X120e. Thanks.

    1. These are X230T dimensions from the data sheet.

      12" width x 9" depth 1.06" - 1.23" height
      305mm x 228.7mm x 26.92mm - 31.24mm.

      The 6-cell battery adds an extra 3/4" to the depth.

  2. Hi, just wondering but, do you think the tablet sleeve would be able to accommodate both the X230 with the 6 cell battery and the 19+ slice battery together?

    1. I have seen all kinds of miracles happen... but I seriously doubt this is possible.

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