Jun 30, 2012

Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet - Cooler Master Notepal Ergostand

Gear: Cooler Master Notepal Ergsotand, Kinesis Freestyle Keyboard (20 inch), UltraBase Series 3, X230T Accessories.

Back in the X201T days I got a Cooler Master Notepal Ergostand (CMNE). This is a stand that is adjustable and gives you a better drawing angle. Now this stand "kind of works" with the X230T and X220T systems, of course you do need to add something to raise the system a bit more.

  • X230T battery doesn't go the whole length of the system, therefore it is not properly supported.
  • The power port gets in the way.
  • If you flip the system then the antenna bump gets in the way, which tilts the system.
  • With docking station the X230T is not raised enough, so the antenna bump continues to get in the way.
  • If you flip the docking station then you lose the use of the ports in the back.

  • Get something between the stand and the docking station, and your system will be raised enough so that the stand's pads don't get in the way. Now the system is at the proper angle.

Bonus stuff
When you bring the stand+x230t closer to your body, you lose the capability of a keyboard. You could get a desk that lets you slide a keyboard out of the way, or you can get a keyboard with separation.

The keyboard that I saw that has some separation is the Kinesis Freestyle keyboard with 20 inch separation. Some may be able to get used to this setup, but I din't.

Figure out what works for you and the X230T is a dream to use.

Getting a steeper angle with the stand.

If possible get stronger materials, or even surround a solid object with the foam. That's all for now, enjoy the images.




  1. where do you by it

  2. I've been experimenting with similar monitor + touchscreen X230t setups but I've yet to find an arrangement that doesn't cause neck/back ache after a while. Is that something you experienced/solved?

    1. Having the two screen vertical setup does cause pain, especially when someone is on their setup for long periods of time. Shorter periods of time don't seem to cause pain. However, the tendency of many is to spend too much time in front of their computers.

      Another vertical setup:

      My current configuration can be seen in the steeper angle video. I only go into tablet mode when I need to, the rest of the time the X230T is used as a secondary monitor and is located to the side. Moving the head side to side is more natural than up and down, so it's less painful when computing for prolong periods.

  3. Hello,i watched all your videos about the x230t (short but successful) and finaly bought a x230 but when on "max performance" battery mode i found my x230 quite warm and fan going loud.
    Here's my question : is there any laptop cooler that works well with the x230/x230t, or anyone would work, or maybe none ?
    Thanks for your future answer.

    Please excuse for my english if it's poor i'm french.

    1. You could lower the performance by a bit and that should help keep the system cool. The best recommendation I can give you, regarding cooling, is to keep the X230T in a well ventilated area (ie a table would be better than a carpet). There are many laptop coolers available and I would recommend searching for 13-inch versions.