Jan 2, 2012

JXD F3000 - Touch Screen (not working)

Gear: JXD S7100, JXD5000, Dingoo Digital A320, JXD F3000.

When I played with the bigger JXD5000 it felt like a touch screen would suit it very well. Using the Dpad to use the calculator app is not easy and a touch screen would be super handy. The JXD F3000 does have a touch screen.

On the JXD F3000 you can navigate through with touch. Touch allows you to navigate through games, adjust volume, save/load files, etc. I can see the upcoming PS Vita doing well with the touch screen interface. The JXD F3000 works well with touch and it's interface, although the interface is not iPhone/iPod smooth and speedy.

After conducting the battery test the touch screen doesn't allow "clicks". It does allow touch and drag, but without the clicks you cannot open games. The JXD F3000 doesn't have a backup system to allow the use of the Dpad and buttons. Without the touch the device is useless. Resetting the device does not solve the problem. If you have this system DO NOT let the battery drain to zero.

So... as much as I wanted to go over more about the JXD F3000 I really can't do anything without the touch screen. This device is going back ASAP.


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    1. imran,
      I'm not familiar with a fix so I can't help. I returned my system back for a refund. I understand that it's not always possible to return products.

      I would suggest trying to contact JXD about this, but I bet it won't work too well because of language barriers.

      You could try reintallinng firmware which is available at JXD's website. Maybe this could revive the touch interface. There was a firmware update at JXD's website January 11, 2012.


  2. Their system/server is daam slow. Since morning I could download only 1 MB.