Dingoo Digital A320, JXD F3000, JXD5000 - Screen Quality

A good quality screen is essential for a pleasant experience. This is my take on each one of these devices.

Dingoo Digital A320
Size: 2.8 Inches
Resolution: 320 x 240

Viewed from
  • Front: ok
  • Left: bright
  • Right: dark
  • Bottom: dark
  • Top: darkens a bit

While the Dingoo has great battery life the screen quality isn't the best. Since the left and right are different my eyes don't get the exact images, which can be a bit annoying. The best viewing angle is looking at the device from slightly top and front.

JXD F3000
Size: 4.3 Inches
Resolution: 430 x 272

Viewed from:
  • Front: good
  • Left/right: good (loses some quality, but it's still good)
  • Bottom: dark
  • Top: depending on color it may darken or brighten (it just intensifies colors)

This is better than the Dingoo Digital. Since the left and right sides look the same the experience is better. The colors don't look as good as the JXD5000.

Size: 5 Inches
Resolution: 800 x 480

Viewed from
  • Front: good (best)
  • Left/right: looks good (best from the sides)
  • Bottom: dark
  • Top: bright

Overall very good. The colors on the JXD500 are sharper than the JXD F3000. When dark colors are shown you can notice a bit of edge bleeding on the lower left side of the screen. But overall the bigger screen on the JXD5000 is better than the other two.


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