Dec 4, 2011

Samsung Series 7 Slate - Samsung AnyWeb Print

This is one of the apps that by default is not included on the Series 7 Slate, but since I have been checking out XML files I have seen many programs that could be useful.

Samsung AnyWeb Print is a plugin for Internet Explorer that allows you to clip bits from a website, do some editing, and print. Personally this is not a very useful program and therefore I have no intentions of using it, but some people might.

Download Samsung AnyWeb Print:

Intalls to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung AnyWeb Print

You will notice the plugin when you launch Internet Explorer.

Help file location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung AnyWeb Print\English\W2PHelp.chm

Official Description:
Why AnyWeb Print?
The features of Samsung AnyWeb Print were designed to facilitate storing and printing information found in the Internet. They are also aimed at saving printer supplies. Samsung AnyWeb Print can collect information from Web pages and can print it selectively in an optimized layout. It helps user to gather Web fragments and to pack them in few pages instead of printing each fragment on a separate page, to print only he/she wants to print and thus saving paper and toner.

The key functions of Samsung AnyWeb Print are:

  • Special Web browser extension that exposes AnyWeb Print commands in toolbar and menu of the browser (Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox for Windows, Safari for Mac OS X are supported),
  • Selecting and capturing Web contents right in the browser window; moving Web clips to a clip book pane by drag and drop technique,
  • Collecting and arranging Web clips in flexible page layout on the clip book,
  • Possibility to type in text notes and to put them to the clip book along with Web clips,
  • Saving the clip book contents in various file formats including searchable PDF,
  • Saving color toner by forcing a grayscale printing mode whenever necessary,
  • Providing improved print preview for legacy version of Internet Explorer in a custom preview window (it's accessible through the special File > Samsung AnyWeb Print Preview... menu item in the Internet Explorer 6.0).

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