Dec 4, 2011

Samsung Series 7 Slate - Bing Map App

The Series 7 Slate comes with a maps app called Bing Map App. The video and notes below go over everything the app has to offer.

  • Map
    • Zoom in and out using pinch gesture
    • Pan with a single finger
  • Zoom Bar
    • Preset levels (world, state, city, area, street)
    • Can be disabled through Settings
  • Views:
    • Automatic - Switches between Road and Aerial views.
    • Road - Shows roads and no terrain images
    • Aerial - Shows terrain images and roads
    • Bird's eye - Gives you a perspective view (angle)
      • Has problems when zooming in and out when using pinch gesture.
  • Search
    • Can search for companies, and locations
    • Can create a route between one position to another
      • Shows step by step guide
  • Right side bar
    • Star - View stored locations (favorited locations)
    • Location Pin
      • Allows you to know more about a specific location 
      • Store location
      • Can turn on Streetside view (immersive imaging)
    • Point of Interest
      • Allows you to view specific businesses (ie hotels, etc)
    • Live Traffic
      • Green = Low traffic
      • Yellow = Mild traffic
      • Red = High traffic
    • Settings
      • Show zoom bar
      • Allow Access Location
      • Tranportation mode (walk or vehicle)

My only complaint is the zoom in and out using pinch during "Bird's eye" view. It does a bit too much.

 Keep in mind you need to have an internet connection for this app to work properly.  Overall a very good touch friendly map app.

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