Dec 4, 2011

Samsung Series 7 Slate - Samsung AllShare App

This is one of the programs that is not found in the American Series 7 Slate. Samsung AllShare allows you to view and transfer files from one system to another. Think of it as a small iTunes that let's you see the files of other computers in your wifi network. It will let you see videos, images, and music files.

The official description:
"is software that enables you to easily share and play content between Samsung DLNA devices (e.g. PCs, TVs, mobile phones, cameras) via a wired or wireless connection"

Download Samsung AllShare:

It installs to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\AllShare\

I highly advice not trying to access 1080p videos with this program because it's a bit slow. For small files Samsung AllShare will work well. It's an alternative to the included Easy File Share. The fastest method of transfering files will be wired using things like the j5 Create Wormhole.


Browse files

Play music

Preview images and videos, etc.

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  1. So many things you can do with wireless. I'd love to see a vlog on the WiDi capability and how to get better picture quality out of it. I use a Netgear PTV2000 and get a great connection and good quality for videos, but when it comes to text, it's so fuzzy.

  2. I'm out of cash for the year. I cannot order WiDi gear. My experience with wireless video always indicates a slight delay, and blurry text.

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