Nov 28, 2011

Samsung Series 7 Slate - Easy File Share (wireless transfers)

Easy File Share allows you to transfer files between Windows systems. The program comes preinstalled on the Samsung Series 7 Slate but can be downloaded installed on non Samsung branded computers/tablets.

You can download Easy File Share at:
Samsung Support - Easy File Share

With Easy File Share there's no need for a wireless router. The program will create it's own hotspot and connect the devices. This method works fine and allows you to drag and drop files from one system to the other.

Once connected each computer can send files. The user of the receiving system can view and accept or reject the files that he wants.

There are other methods of transfering files between devices, but Easy File Share does the job that usually would require far more work.

Another method:
J5 Create - Wormhole KM Switch (Also does file copy/paste and allows mouse and keyboard controls, and works well with PCs. I got one and will make a post about it within a few days. Wired is better because it's faster.)

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