Oct 21, 2011

Images Of Sony LCS-U10 Soft Carrying Case For Camcorder (Small)

Gear: Sony LCS-U10 Soft Carrying Case

Besides a tripod I don't have accessories for my Sony HDR-CX150. When I go around having the camera unprotected makes me a bit nervous... so I decided to get a case to reduce risks of damaging it.

After looking around for cases I found the "Sony LCS-U10 Soft Carrying Case for Camcorder". From the images shown on the Amazon page I wasn't 100% sure if the camera would fit. Luckily it does and I can add the power cord, some extra batteries and memory cards. This case is also compatible with the Sony HDR-CX160 and other similar sized camcorders.

For those curious there are different sizes of the same case. The images below are from the Small version.



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