Jun 19, 2012

Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet - Box Contents And Images

Gear: Lenovo ThinkPad X230T, X230T Accessories.

I have used several Lenovo branded tablets, and today I got the Lenovo ThinkPad X230T. Unlike the X201T and X220T, I actually own this tablet. Requesting review units is a hassle, and subconsciously might add some pressure to be positive. Owning the device gives you freedom (but burns a lot of money). On this post I'll go over the box contents, and some of my initial thoughts.

BTW, this is the 3434-CTO model.

Box contents:
  • X230T unit.
  • Cleaning cloth.
  • Safety, Warranty, and Setup Guide.
  • Powe cable (30")
  • AC Adapter (with 67" cable)
  • ThinkPad Digitizer
    • Replacement tips/nibs.
    • Nib removal tool.
  • 6-cell battery (67+)
    •  5300 mAh
    • 11.1V, 5.6 Ah, 63Wh

Not many details on the video, but I assure you that I will break each element down and give you useful information.

Before you purchase this system I recommend reading the "Launched And On The Way! (+buying tips)" post.

Some early thoughts on the images below.


The box!

The contents coming out.

AC Adapter.

AC Adapter details.

Safety, Warranty, and Setup Guide.

Cleaning cloth.

67+ battery.

67+ battery details.

More 67+ battery details.

The feet pads of the battery.

Box with digitizer.

ThinkPad Digitizer (tip, button, eraser). (2 button alternative)

Replacement tips + tools.

X230T in bag.

Sleek looking classic ThinkPad look.

Indicador lights on the lid.

ThinkPad logo on the right side.

Lenovo logo on the left side.

Rotation hinge.

Power port + exhaust.

Left side of the system.


USB 3.0, VGA, Display Port, USB 3.0

54mm ExpressCard, radio switch.

Front side.

Right side.

SD Card reader, Always-On USB 2.0, Ethernet, Audio combo jack (stereo+mic).

Digitizer pen holder, tethering spot, Kensington lock.

Bottom side.

RAM memory compartment.

Rubber feet/pad, drain hole, and screw hole.

Docking port.

Battery compartment.

SIM card sot.

The X230T with the lid up.

Dual mics, HD camera.

Left side speaker, bezel buttons (power, ctrl+alt+del, rotation, indicator lights. Also you can see some keys above the keyboard (audio mute, volume down and up, mic on/off, Lenovo Solution Center).

Right side speaker, fingerprint reader, and power button.

One way rotation hinge.

Precision keyboard.

Red Trackpoint, left, scroll, and right click buttons.

Touchpad (dotted texture) with embedded left and right click buttons.

A nasty looking scratch on the palm rest (what the heck!).

The Fn button placed in the wrong place (I like it the other way).

Top row of buttons are more squareish.

Stickers on palm rest.

The 67+ battery sticking out.

Like the X220T the battery raises the back of the system.

All the contents of the box.

Precision keyboard at night.

Precision keyboard backlit level 1.

Precision keyboard backlit level 2.



  1. I appreciate you making this thorough analyses of the x230t, something that you always impress me with. Compared to the 220, is the power difference substantial? I'm fond of the classic keyboard and it's ergonomics and the sale price is really attractive. Thanks, Jesse

    1. The power consumption depends on many things, and there are ways to easily control the power usage. With the default settings, it uses 9 to 14 watts. Eventually I'll do a dedicated post about battery life.

      I'm liking this keyboard quite a bit. I had expected it to be flimsy plastic chiclet keys, but they are quite solid and the feeling while pressing them is very nice.

  2. The digitizer pen is included, right? I just ordered mine, I'm pretty excited, but I definitely want the pen.

    1. For some reason, Lenovo representatives are trying to assure me that the pen is not included and that I need to purchase it as an accessory.

    2. That could be the case, but sounds extremely absurd. The pen should be included with this system, multi-touch + pen version or pen only version. I know there are different package configurations, so it could be a possibility.

      Maybe the reps are mistaking the X230T for the X230 Laptop. The laptop version cannot use the pen, and would not be included.

      From my X201T, X220T, and X230T experiences the pen has always been included. Try talking to another rep.

    3. I have actually talked to at least 5 reps and they all tell me the same thing. I'm guessing that they have their information wrong. I mean it wouldn't make sense to sell a pen only version without including a pen.

  3. Do you know if there are keyboard protector for x230 tablet available somewhere? I worry dust gonna ket into the keyboard and I guess this keyboard isn't cheap at all since i got the backlit keyboard :))

    1. I don't think there is some kind of keyboard protector that would do that. I think if you use an air duster a few times a week the dust will not accumulate.

    2. Hey Jesse, do you have the 3 leg problem that a guy mention in this forum (I guess u seen before):

      Based on what I read, he got the 6 cell battery, which I believe was the same as the one you got. I got the 3 cell battery so I can't tell, it sits perfectly on the table

  4. I got the 6-cell and I don't have a 3 leg problem as seen on that post.

    1. Glad to hear that, its always sounds scary when someone have super negative opinion and attitude toward a product right at the beginning like that guy.

      Have you tried to run any software tests on the x230t, I'm looking forward to watch your newest review about the software test and everything. I tried diablo III and it run great on low resolution, unlike x220t, I guess HD4000 is much better than HD3000.

    2. That review had a monopoly for a short time, there are many reviews coming out. Always check on other reviews to get the better picture.

      I'll run a few software tests eventually. I don't think I'll go into every minute detail about the X230T, but I will cover some of the included software and how to fix a few of the problems that I have noticed. Stay tuned.

  5. Awesome photos. They are greatly appreciated as I am interested in possibly purchasing this machine. Could you make a video or talk about the pen input. I know there were a lot of complaints about the poor performance of the x220t on the edges and corners of the display and I wanted to know if the x230t satisfies those complaints. Once again, thanks a lot.

    1. I'll make sure to have a digitizer video soon.

  6. That would be awesome :)

  7. I figure you can switch the Fn and Ctrl keys in BIOS. I heard this is possible with other Lenovo systems, anyway. (Personally I prefer the Fn key to be the in the corner so I haven't tried it myself.)

    1. I have changed the keys, thanks for the tip!

  8. Does the X230T have a regular set of indicator lights? Like Caps Lock, etc., and HDD, battery, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.
    I have heard from some sources that it lacks a Caps Lock-indicator, for example. Is that true?

    1. Shown on screen: Caps Lock.
      Indicator lights: Wifi, HDD, Battery, Sleep.

      I don't see a Numlock and a Scroll Lock buttons, but there probably is some way of getting to them through the FN key. I presume the indicators would show up on screen.

    2. Hey, thanks for your prompt and detailed reply.
      Lack of capslock and numlock detract from quality in my book, but it is still a tempting machine.

  9. Please, where can I purchase a motherboard for my X230t???