Bluetooth Compact Speakers (Satechi, Monster, Jawbone, Soundmatters)

Please use headphones with good bass to "hear" the difference.

About a month ago I seeked compact bluetooth speakers and came across the Jawbone Jambox at Best Buy. After pressing a few buttons and the little speaker box sounded off I was very impressed.

Since I wanted a good deal I went online and found several other competing speaker systems. I thought that they each had strengths and very few people had experiences with multiple speaker systems, so I got the four that I considered best and now I will share my thoughts on each

The four speakers in the house:

I'll probably keep one of them, and the rest will be shipped back. Check the blog again in a few days to view the posts. Thanks!

Thanks to Gabriel Quintana (youtube, bandcamp) and xKore (youtube, bandcamp) for the fantastic music.

Note: Thanks to Jawbone, Monster Cable, Satechi, and Soundmatters for ignoring my email requests. It sure did not make it easy on the wallet. hahaha.


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