HTC Flyer vs BlackBerry PlayBook - Screen Quality

Both of these systems offers 7 inch screens at 1024 x 600.  So what are some of the differences?

HTC Flyer
The Flyer offers a TFT screen that is superb. It gets brighter than the PlayBook, but along with that it also shows a stronger "yellow" tint.

BlackBerry PlayBook
The PlayBook's WSVGA offers very "cool" colors.  It seems to be better at "blue" colors from what I have seen.  One more thing that I have noticed is that PlayBook is very good at whites and dark colors.  You probably have seen screens that show not so "dark" blacks, in a way they are more like a washed up black colors.  The PlayBook is past that and delivers better blacks than the Flyer can.

Both of these screens will perform well under shade and if you are totally concerned with color precision I have a feeling that the PlayBook will deliver better colors.

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