HTC Flyer vs BlackBerry PlayBook - Battery Life

One thing that pisses me off about most of the electronics industry is that they suggest very long hours.  Obviously it's not easy to determine battery life because of a million different reasons like apps running, light conditions, volume, wifi usage, etc.  So how do I determine battery life? My test was based on something that a lot of people will do which might include watching videos in a long trip on the bus, train, car, plane, etc.

My test settings:
  • 720p HD video Big Buck Bunny
  • Full brightness with ambient light sensor disabled
  • Audio at max volume
  • Wifi On

The results:
  • HTC Flyer - 5:25
  • BB PlayBook - 6:26

HTC Flyer notes:
Every 10 minutes I had to go back to the HTC Flyer and replay the video.  This was so annoying as I had to do it. I had to do that 33 times through the day.  There's no repeat button on the included video player.  There are things that Android OS runs in the background that take advantage of the wifi, this would take some battery life from the system.  However, there's a battery saving mode that begins at 15% which disables some features and therefore prolongs the battery life.

BB PlayBook notes:
The PlayBook was a dream to work with for that test.  There's a repeat button on the video player which allowed me to throw this into the closet and not look at it for many hours.  The BB OS doesn't really have many things running in the background, so that would allow lot's more battery life from the system.

Both of the systems will have a long constant usage time. Make sure you don't disable the light sensor (by default it's ON) and you will get way more battery life than what I got.  As a matter of fact I'm tempted on rerunning my test with the light sensor activated.  If you do less resource intensive tasks you can get very long battery life times.  I'm impressed with these tablets.

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