HTC Flyer vs BlackBerry PlayBook - Build Quality

I like how much easier both of these systems are easier to hold than the bigger tablets.

HTC Flyer
Both systems have a 7 inch screen, but the Flyer's body is a bit more horizontal.  This is due to the bezel being thinner above and below when in landscape mode.  The HTC is a bit thicker than the PlayBook but offers round corners.   The aluminum body reminds me a bit of the iPad body.  At first it felt a bit cheap and plastic like, but it's aluminum.  It also is a more "slippery" system than the PlayBook.

BB PlayBook
The more "square" like shape of the PlayBook might be due to the uniform bezel around the system.  The PlayBook is bigger when you compare width and height, but when it comes to thickness the PB is thinner.   When you grab the PlayBook that dark matte rubbery back is excellent to hold.  It won't slip from your hands that easily.

Both systems are good but I have to give to the PlayBook because it's a much better body to hold.  I have dropped the Flyer about 3 times already due to very smooth aluminum finish.  The PlayBook in contrast has that rubbery texture that gives you a firm hold.

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