Dec 18, 2010

Tablet PC Confusion

Which one is a Tablet PC?

There's tons of "Tablet PC" confusion up in the air.  I got into a conversation with someone from Newgadgets.de about wanting a "tablet pc" with Pixel Qi screen.  He reminded me of the Notion Ink Adam, to which I said I didn't think of it as a "Tablet PC".

So what is a Tablet PC?
Tablet PC's are portable personal computers with a touchscreen. (thx wiki)

By that definition he was totally right.

By that definition it leaves a lot of room for all kinds of devices such as:
iPad is Tablet PC
Lenovo S10-3T is a Tablet PC
Notion Ink Adam is a Tablet PC
Lenovo X201 Tablet is a Tablet PC
Android phones are a kind of Tablet PC
iPhones based on the definition can be considered a Tablet PC

To get rid of this disgusting confusion let's begin calling systems as they really are:
iPad is a slate tablet
Lenovo X201 is a convertible tablet
iPhone is a smart phone
Slate tablets mean that the device comes with a touch screen as the main input source.
Convertible tablets are systems that include a keyboard and can transform from laptop to slate mode.

Do you have ideas on how to categorize these devices better?


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