Nov 16, 2010

Why I hate Commission Junction

In order to get some coupons for my Lenovo X201 blog I joined with Commission Junction (again) and I have to say that it's still the same.

Why I hate it:
Signing up for each company
Cannot reuse the same email if you cancel an account
Coupons expire and you don't get commission
Tons of emails come to your Inbox

What I like:
Can find tons of different companies and products

I wanted to like you Commission Junction but I'm canceling you. There's a lot of companies that use CJ for their referral systems, which is sad. CJ is just not worth the hassle.

What I prefer:
Amazon Associates - individual links, and product widgets

I cannot use Google Ads because they banned me when I was 16 due to posting on a friend's forum. People began clicking a lot and they canceled my account. I also cannot make any money through advertisements in other Google services like Youtube. Even though I have been requested to join by their automatic system for several of my top videos they never forgive you. So... I have to use other systems.

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