Nov 16, 2010

Tons of combinations with the NeoCube

I saw the video three times... then during the night I dreamed about this thing. I know it's kind of a cool toy and all but why would it stay in my head so much? There's a bit of "subliminal" something going on. At 0:47 there's still image that is "out of the ordinary". It doesn't fit so it got stuck in my head. These types of advertisements have been banned in the USA from mainstream television, but they are out there on the Internet.

I know about subliminal messages thanks to Derren Brown. They are effective as I was ready to buy one of these sphere magnets. Maybe the product is just cool.

Since I got the reminder of the subliminal messages... I should have added subliminal messages to my S10-3T videos and sold tons more... hahaha. ;)

Checkout their website:


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