Jul 7, 2015

Sharp Electronic Memo Pad WG-S20 - Images and Box Contents

 Gear: Sharp Electronic Memo Pad WG-S20.

 The WG-S20 is a note taking device.  It does not rely on Windows or Android, or other popular operating systems.  But, you can connect the WG-S20 to a PC in order to store your notes.  Perhaps, what's attractive about this note taking tablet is the fact that it's small and therefore easy to carry.  More info and images below.

The box is plain and functional.  As you may have noticed it's all in Japanese (I think).  You can store about 2000 pages worth of information.

Inside the box.

The box contents.

We get an instructional manual, a micro USB to full USB cable, a stylus (this is NOT a digitizer), the Memo Pad WG-S20 unit, and the sleek looking case.

The back of the unit.

The bottom of the unit has the micro usb connector, a power indicator light, and the on/off switch.

This is one elegant and functional case.  I really like the color, the way it feels, and the fact that it can hold the stylus well.

The screen has a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.  The screen is NOT backlit.

The device starts with calibration of the stylus.  Do note that this is a stylus (like what the now ancient Palm and Windows Pocket PC devices used to have--and more modernly the Nintendo 3DS).  The screen is a resistive one, so you can rest your palm on it, but if you add too much pressure (like with a nail) then you can write on the screen.

We determine the date.

You can set appointments on the calendar.

There are many page templates to choose from.

Above you can see the text that I achieved through this device.  Like all devices there are positive things about it and negative ones.

The Sharp WG-S20 is easy to carry, the stylus and screen react as you would expect, and it has very long battery life.  However, the device does not offer pressure sensitivity, no stroke delete option, no backlight, and no English language manuals.  Given modern needs, such as web browsing and PDF reading, I think the WG-S20 is highly unsuited for comparison with other tablets.  The WG-S20 has only one purpose, and that is to take hand written notes.  Don't buy it if you expect it to do more than that.

I highly recommend going through the Amazon reviews for more information.

 Another alternative is the Boogie Board.  Above we can see the Boogie Board 9.7 Sync.  The Sharp Memo Pad gives us some advantage in the sense that we can change the page template, good luck with that on a Boogie Board.

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