j5create JUC700 USB 3.0 Wormhole Switch DSS - KVM Swap & File Transfer

Gear: j5create JUC700, j5create JUC100, Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12, Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga X230T.

Back in 2011 I tested a new gadget called the j5create JUC100 Wormhole KM Switch.  The device allowed a USB to USB connection for two computers.  This allows you to use a single computer to control another laptop/table/computer.  Of course, you can use it to share files.  The JUC100 used USB 2.0 technology, which is fine for small to medium files.  However, it never felt like it was entirely "smooth" when used for controlling the other system.  The JUC700 is the new version of the same device, and it's both faster and smoother because of its USB 3.0 connection.  Below are images and some details regarding this gadget.

The JUC700 will work with Win XP, 7, 8, and 8.1.  Additionally, it supports multi-touch on Windows 8.

The package contents includes documentation, disc with drivers, and the JUC700 cable.  It is quite important to install drivers before plugging in the devices, or else it may not work properly.

The main device (blue) will be used to control the secondary device (green) .

This type of cable can be very useful for transferring documents from an older system to a new one.  In my case, I have transferred a lot of files from my X230T to the new ThinkPad Yoga 12.  Also, the software for the device is very user friendly.

Overall I recommend the JUC700 over the JUC100.  To me it feels like transferring files was much faster and controlling the second computer was very smooth (at least when compared to the JUC100).  Yes, the device does not perform smoothly all the time, every once in a while the mouse pointer would "skip" for a slight time--but this does not occur so much that it prevents you from performing what you need to do.  That's all for now.

Published: Jun 24, 2015

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