May 2, 2015

Wireless Optical Pen Mouse - Box Contents & Details

A while ago I bought a "pen like mouse" called the Penclic Mouse R2.  The device had good and bad things, but it was not as good as a real mouse.  This time I'm going to test a pen-like mouse device, which sometimes goes by the name of "2.4 GHz Wireless Optical Pen Mouse" or at other times is referred to as "Pen Mouse (Fairy) Series."  The results are not as bad as you think.

 The back of the box.

 Box contents: the pen mouse unit, USB receiver, a small stand, and instruction manual (in English).

 The assigned buttons on the pen mouse.

 Part of the instructions manual.

 The included base is very light and will not be a solid base that you would like to have.

 The USB receiver is very small.

 The pen mouse uses a AAA battery.  The battery is NOT included.  You cannot recharge the battery by some USB connection.

 This is an entire mouse in a pen-like body.  The left most button is the left click, followed by the scroll wheel, DPI settings button, and near my thumb you can see the right click. 

 There is a tiny on/off button on the bottom side.

The wireless pen mouse and my Logitech mouse.  Both are wireless devices. 

The laser performs like any other laser-based mouse.  Using this as a mouse can work (more details below).

Wireless Optical Pen Mouse notes:
  • Switching from typing to the mouse is not convenient because it forces you to drop the pen mouse.
  • The device feels cheap. The left mouse button feels like a loose piece of plastic.
  • The device is plug and play, there are no special drivers to install. There is no custom software.
  • The pen mouse uses a single AAA battery, which is not included.  The battery cannot be recharged.
  • The mouse feels like it's best used when one hand is pressing some keys on the keyboard and the other hand is manipulating the pen mouse.
  • Do not think of this device as a stylus/digitizer--there will not be pressure sensitivity.  It is nothing more than a traditional mouse in the body of a pen.
  • Simultaneous right and left clicking is difficult. Even right click alone sometimes does not feel right.
  • The pen is as responsive as a mouse.  The mouse pointer gets to where you want it to be at.
  • When gaming, the pen mouses' laser is on while hovering--which means that as you reposition your hand/arm and pen then the mouse pointer can move. It will be better if the pen mouse ignored the "hover" state and was only active when in contact with a surface.
  • A small mouse pad may not be sufficient.  The pen mouse is better suited for larger surfaces.
  • The scroll wheel does not work in all programs (Ghost Recon game did not detect it). However, it works well in most Win 32 programs (Chrome, MS Word, etc).
  • The pen mouse has adjustable DPI settings.

The wireless pen mouse is not a perfect mouse replacement. However, it actually surprised me that it can do many things correctly. Overall, it is not perfect, but it looks like with some work it could become quite good.  Comfort needs to be improved, let's get rid of the "hover" state, and then we got a neat pen mouse.

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