May 6, 2015

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - Box Contents and Images

Gear: Microsoft Surface Pro 3, N-Trig DuoSense Digitizer.

I ordered a MS Surface Pro 3 because I wanted to more fully test the N-Trig digitizer input.  In the past I have been critical of the pen technology chosen for this device, and as far as hands-on experience goes, it has been rather limited.  So later on I will do some posts regarding the digitizer, but for now I'll go over the box contents and a some details regarding this sleek looking tablet.

Box contents: the power supply, the digitizer, an included AAAA battery, and the manual.

The pen uses N-Trig Duosense 2 technology.  Usually N-Trig pens have an aluminum cylinder, with buttons, replaceable tips/nibs, and a AAAA battery (yes that's four As).

This pen is not your usual N-Trig pen though.  On the back side it has another button.  This button is NOT an eraser, instead it functions as a screen shot taker and MS OneNote launcher.  Also, the clip is neat and sturdy.

The pen is really two different modules.  One module is purely N-Trig technology, while the other potion (the back) is a Bluetooth module.  To write on the screen you do not have to pair the device, it is only for the back button features that you need to pair it with the tablet.

The dark pen above is the first generation N-Trig digitizer.  You can notice some differences among the old and new technology.  The tip/nib for example resembles the nibs/tips found in Wacom digitizers.

The Surface 3 tablet does resemble an iPad.  There is a front-facing camera.

The docking station port on the bottom side.

The right side has a power port, USB 3.0, and mini DisplayPort.

There is a camera on the back too.

The back is silky smooth aluminum.

On the top side we can see the power button.  Also, notice the vents that go around the tablet.  These tiny holds allow the unit to keep cool.  However, the unit does get warm.

The mic and headphone combo jack, and the volume up/down buttons.

The attached stand is a wonderful thing to have.  It allows you to change the view to suit your needs.

If one setting is not good for you then you can change it quite easily.  It's pretty neat.

There are many aspects that I did not cover on this post.  On future posts I will get into more detail.  That's it for now.

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