Aug 5, 2014

Expensive High Fidelity Portable Media Players You Can't Afford

Many audiophiles are not satisfied with the audio quality that many media players deliver-- iPod like devices may only rank barely on the "ok" range.  If you are a fellow that demands the highest audio quality possible, well you are in luck--I present to you what may be the most expensive and hopefully superb sounding portable media players.

  • FiiO - The company well known for their DAC and AMP.
    • X3 - This is the affordable version of FiiO's media players, which sells for a low $200.  It can handle 192 kHz /24 bit, has a line out port, coax digital output, headphone output, and 
    • X5 - The big brother of the X3 is the X5.  FiiO claims that it possesses "better audio quality, UI, power, and a better build."  The player has a dual-core CPU, supports many popular file formats, usb DAC function, and of course support for 192 kHz / 24 bit .  This player is currently priced at about $350.

  • iBasso
    • DX50 - Current price of $239
    • DX90 - Current price of $419

  • Sony - The electronics giant, well known for their Walkman media players.
    • NWZ-F886 - Sony's Android powered media player.  Of course, the device is packed with features.  Currently this player sells for only about $380.
    • NWZ-ZX1 - Sony's top of the line Android media player, and is priced at an affordable $750.
    • Walkman ZX2 - An Android 4.2 media player.  The device is priced at £949.00 which is about $1436.

  • Astell & Kern - The company behind some of the most expensive media players available in the market.  The details on these players are far beyond the comprehension of us plebs, I sure hope that the audio quality provides that sweet elixir to the ears.

One more device that is worth mentioning is the PonoPlayer, which has attracted a lot of buzz but remains unreleased--priced was rumored to be $399.

So, are you ready to toss that crappy sounding iPod or Samsung Galaxy Player and are you going to get yourself a "real" music player?  Don't forget, you will also need the audiophile-level headphones and you must also ensure that the mastering of the music is done correctly.

Other useful info: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/its-masters-damit

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