Apr 29, 2014

Upgraded Coconut Charcoal - No More Baggy Eyes

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I listen to Bulletproof podcasts and I have heard plenty about the miracles of activated charcoal.  The first time I heard about charcoal as a detoxifier was in regards to water purification filters.  Apparently certain substances tend to attach themselves to the charcoal and in this way the water was considerably cleaner.  Now, I never thought that one could simply swallow a charcoal capsule and detoxify.  But, after testing the Upgraded Coconut Charcoal I can say that I noticed some incredible effects.

 Side of the bottle with facts and directions.

Other side of the bottle with more description and uses. 

The capsules contain very fine smooth charcoal.  Make sure to drink plenty of water or you can burp charcoal!

On Fridays I often buy a bag of delicious beef jerky.  The strong spices of black pepper and salt make the beef super tasty!  I really love beef jerky!  But eating this is not the healthiest.  Since switching to a Bulletproof-like diet I can now notice the effects of some foods on my body.  The black pepper in the jerky, I believe, contributes to morning baggy/puffy eyes.  Every time I consume beef jerky, and even tomato-based salsa, I have baggy eyes after a night of rest.  Sometimes it feels like I'm struggling to open my eyes because the bags are quite large!  After an hour or so the baggy eyes go away.  When I eat only Bulletproof foods I don't get those baggy eyes.  Now, I love to have beef jerky and it would hate if I had to stop eating them due to the baggy eyes.  The solution, that I found, is the Upgraded Coconut Charcoal.  Taking two capsules before eating the jerky gets rid of the morning baggy eyes every time.  I don't know how it does it, but it does.

When I'm walking around and I notice people with baggy eyes I just want to let them know about my experience with the Upgraded Coconut Charcoal.  While $30 is not cheap, and I wish the price was less than that, I have to say that overall I'm satisfied with the product.  When I run out I'll order the same or similar products.

Note: The salt in the jerky is not the contributor to baggy eyes.  I can say this because I eat salt with most foods already.

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