Mar 3, 2014

The Eye Tribe - Development Kit - Box Contents, Calibration, and Demo

Gear: Eye Tribe Tracker Website.

Today I received The Eye Tribe Development Kit.  This is one of the upcoming technologies that will allow you to interact with computers via eye manipulation.  The technology is in its early stages, but you bet you will be hearing more about it in the coming years.  The competitor, Tobii, seems to be a little behind.  Below are images of the development kit.

 The box.

 Box contents.

 A fairly long USB 3.0 cable.

 A mini tripod.

 The Eye Tribe unit.  The front side is dark.

 The USB 3.0 port.

A comparison with my Logitech mouse.  I was expecting the Eye Tribe to be larger than what it actually is.

In the coming months, if time permits, I'll begin programming some small apps and may post some videos.  Until then you can check The Eye Tribe Tracker for more info.

Error: Invalid device firmware, upgrade required

If you bought the initial batch of Eyetribe devices then only the earlier software will work. If you try to use new software in the older Eyetribe units then you are going to get an error message. As I understand, based on reading forum entries, there is no easy way to update the firmware on those earlier devices (the device may become bricked).

Software version and firmware version must be compatible.

One more video:


  1. Hi Jesse,

    Great to hear that you've got your tracker.

    Sorry about the flimsy tripod, it's an off-the-shelf part that didn't turn out that great, we have a better solution coming up which involves a lighter cable, a slightly heavier tripod and rubber feet that grips better. The best solution would probably be to attach it firmly to the display by clamping it to the frame but displays vary greatly in shape and size (we didn't want to ship permanent glue pads). The tripod screw thread is a standard 1/4-20 UNC thread as per the ISO 1222:2010 standard so any aftermarket mounting mechanism will fit.

    Please let me know if you have more feedback that can improve the product.
    Martin Tall

    1. Two things I would like: (1) Allow the tracker to be either above or below the monitor. (2) Allow the software to work on 30 inch monitors (even if restricted to an area within it that is equivalent to the 24 inch max restriction)--Since I currently have a 30 inch monitor I wouldn't want to purchase a <= 24 inch monitor just for the purpose of the tracker. Besides that it looks great! Thanks for shipping the unit, and I'm looking forward to creating some new interactions with this kit.

    2. Hi Jesse,

      You can configure the size of the calibration area using the EyeTribeUI to match an area corresponding to 24". I use it with a 27" monitor and it works fairly well but 30" would probably be too large. We set 24" to be on the safe side.

  2. A little tip, when attaching the tripod to the device, leave the screw tightly attached to the base and rotate the entire tripod. It's probably best to leave two legs in the rear to balance the weight, to do this screw the tripod in a couple of turns and then round head to tighten it up.