Jul 29, 2013

Math 1010 - Review 3B

Review 3B, which covers Chapters 5 and 6.  No more videos, but the answers can be "revealed" by clicking on the problem's number.

Multiply the rational expression.  Express the product as a rational expression in lowest terms.

Add or subtract, as indicated, and simplify the result.

Rationalize the denominator.

Find the domain of the given function.

Solve the work problem.

6)  One pump can drain a pool in 7 minutes.  When a second pump is also used, the pool only takes 5 minutes to drain.  How long would it take the second pump to drain the pool if it were the only pump in use?  (Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary.)

Solve the rational inequality.

Multiply, and then simplify if possible.  Assume all variables represent positive real numbers.



Divide the rational expression.  Express the quotient as a rational expression in lowest terms.

State the domain of the rational expression.

Solve the equation.

Perform the indicated operation and simplify.  Assume all variables in the daricand are greater than or equal to zero.

Determine the domain and range of the function.  Then graph it.


Perform the indicated operation.  Write the result in the form a + bi.

Solve the equation.

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