Jul 20, 2013

John C. Dvorak - It's Just An App!!!

Summarizes most of the thoughts that I have on time wasting buzzing tech bubble nonsense that sells for millions.  Good one Mr Dvorak.

Welcome to MY OPINION, a minute of deep personal opinion from John C. Dvorak.

So, I understand there is a bubble coming in the tech world. The indications are the $41 million dollar investment in a new app called color.

And what this thing does apparently, or all it does, is that if you are a party you can take pictures at the party and if you are a member of this color organization or group or whatever it is "app group". Everybody else who takes pictures at the party will combine with your pictures of the party and you will have a lot of pictures of the party, instead of the few pictures you actually want. But you will be able to go back to it eventually and see who was at the party and what.

Is this actually an app for the benefit of you or for the FBI. I mean I can't figure it out, it's got to be one or the other. But $41 million dollars, it sounds like they really want this to work. Sounds like the FBI to me, why would you want this kind of a product, and it's just an app.

Other people say the $41 million dollars indicates it's the beginning of the next tech bubble. Could be, we'll wait and see. I'm John C. Dvorak and that's my opinion.

The opinions expressed on MY OPINION are solely the OPINIONS about the OPINIONS of John C. Dvorak. Any OPINIONS about the opinions expressed on MY OPINION should be kept solely to yourself. And that's the opinion of John C. Dvorak.

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