May 11, 2013

Wacom DTU-1031 - Vesa Desk Stand (Yiynova ES-1001/Bosto Kingtee Tilt Stand and Ergotron Quick Release VESA Bracket)

Gear: Wacom DTU-1031, Yiynova Accessory ES-1001 VESA Stand for MSP19, Bosto Kingtee Tilt StandErgotron Quick Release LCD Bracket, Yiynova MSP19U Tablet Monitor.

The DTU-1031 has several adjustments for the tablet mode. But all of them will be insufficient for an "external display" mode. Luckily, the DTU-1031 has support for 75 x 75 VESA assemblies and in this way we can attach better stands.  I used a combination of an Ergotron bracket with a Yiynova ES-1001 (also known as the Bosto Kingtee Tilt Stand) stand, and the  results are good.  The video above and the images below have the details.

Yiynova ES-1001/Bosto Kingtee Tilt Stand Images

Yiynova ES-1001 box.

The box contents.

The ES-1001 stand, which supports VESA devices.

Adjustable stand.  Use proper technique when changing the angles.

90 degree angles are possible.

Greater than 90 degrees.

Ergotron Quick Release Bracket Images

Ergotron quick release bracket box.


Box contents, which also includes an installation guide.

The square part attaches to the DTU-1031, the x-shaped part attaches to the stand.  It's not as "quick" release as you would want, you may need to use a tool.

All the parts.  Consider using the DTU-1031's included screws for the square assembly.

DTU-1031 + Yiynova ES-1001 + Quick Release Bracket

 All parts ready to go.

 Lowest angle of the stand.

 45 degree angle.

 Greater than 90 degrees are possible, but I wouldn't recommend it.

 Lowest angle captured from a different perspective.

 45 degree with a different perspective.

 90 degree from a different perspective.

The stand is not wider than the DTU-1031.


  1. I'd really like to buy one of these Yiynova stands but I can't seem to find them.

    1. If the Amazon link then you will have to search for it online. Use Google Shopping search engine if you have to.

    2. I have placed 3 orders with different vendors who all report that the item has been discontinued and is no longer available.

    3. The stand is also featured in Bosto tablets. Search for "Bosto Kingtee Tilt Stand".